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Country: Liberia

Consultancy Firm to Execute a Third-Party Monitoring Service

TOT Ref No.: 58688546

Deadline: 23 Nov 2021

Country: Liberia

Media & Communication Consultant

TOT Ref No.: 58645926

Deadline: 26 Oct 2021

Country: Liberia

Procurement Specialist for the Clus Project

TOT Ref No.: 58562034

Deadline: 27 Oct 2021

Country: Liberia

Deputy Project Coordinator for the Clus Project

TOT Ref No.: 58561428

Deadline: 27 Oct 2021

Country: Liberia

Rfp/Strengthening Africa-S Borderland /2021/009

TOT Ref No.: 58500522

Deadline: 19 Oct 2021

Country: Liberia

Consultancy for Gender Equality & Social Inclusion for the Cassava Transformation

TOT Ref No.: 58222575

Deadline: 25 Oct 2021

Country: Liberia

International Consultant on the Development of the Gender Mainstreaming Strategy for United Nations Country Team Liberia

TOT Ref No.: 48465107

Deadline: 22 Dec 2020

Country: Liberia

Communication Specialist (National Consultant)

TOT Ref No.: 41707014

Deadline: 23 Mar 2020

Country: Liberia

International Consultant to raise awareness on the importance of implementing the NAP WPS

TOT Ref No.: 41325256

Deadline: 16 Mar 2020

Country: Liberia

Catering Services Provider

TOT Ref No.: 41297516

Deadline: 12 Mar 2020

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