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Global Token Ring Network Tenders and GPN from across the Globe

TendersOnTime provides latest updates on Global Token Ring Network Tenders, Contract Awards and various other opportunities related to Token Ring Network. The information on Token Ring Network tenders is collected from various sources viz: government tenders portal, tender bulletin and public procurement websites.

Country: India

Nit for Ofc Ring Network

TOT Ref No.: 36608215

Deadline: 12 Oct 2019

Country: Japan

Ring net network

TOT Ref No.: 32402855

Deadline: 04 May 2019

Country: Philippines

Procurement of Token (Gold ring) for rewards and recognition program

TOT Ref No.: 28497329

Deadline: 19 Nov 2018

Country: India

Sitc of Network Accessories for Ring Network and Splicing of Ofc at Airports Authority of India

TOT Ref No.: 39018615

Deadline: 28 Dec 2019

Country: Uruguay

Service Installation And Programming Redundant Ring Network Fiber "Turnkey"

TOT Ref No.: 29991499

Deadline: 30 Jan 2019

Country: Thailand

Contractual job to construct the Ring Ring Network, amount 4 locations, Por. 3.1 (Chor.) Selected

TOT Ref No.: 41581967

Deadline: 27 Mar 2020

Country: Philippines

Provision for the Procurement of Awards/Token (Professional Ring for Retirees of DepEd-Division

TOT Ref No.: 28025615

Deadline: 01 Nov 2018

Country: Spain

Contract for Renovation of the Old Ring Network in the Encoro De San Juan in the City Council

TOT Ref No.: 36689933

Deadline: 10 Oct 2019

Country: Philippines

Supply and Delivery of Gold Ring as Token for Gsis Employees with 35 Years of Service

TOT Ref No.: 44100298

Deadline: 30 Jul 2020

Country: Thailand

Contractual job to construct Ring Ring Network in the amount of 4 places. Bor.Chor. 3.1 (Chor

TOT Ref No.: 39686630

Deadline: 25 Jan 2020

Country: Thailand

Contractual job to construct 4 Ring Loop networks, Por. 3.1 (Chor. Chor.)

TOT Ref No.: 39652430

Deadline: 24 Jan 2020

Country: Philippines

20-01-0165 Retirement rings as token for the BFAR retirees

TOT Ref No.: 40049686

Deadline: 31 Jan 2020

Country: Russian Federation

Execution of Works on the Construction of the Object: "Construction of a Ring Network of Water

TOT Ref No.: 32510062

Deadline: 07 May 2019

Country: Russian Federation

Construction of a ring network of water supply within the borders of Molodezhnaya Street, Rest

TOT Ref No.: 32528044

Deadline: 06 May 2019

Country: Thailand

Purchase Ring Switch Network (Local) to upgrade the quality of service to 10GB

TOT Ref No.: 27722021

Deadline: 27 Oct 2018

Country: Ukraine

Services for non-standard connection to the electrical networks of PJSC" Lvivoblengrgo "quarter

TOT Ref No.: 39041886

Deadline: 31 Dec 2020

Country: Philippines

Procurement of token and plaque to be used for Reward and Recognition Program

TOT Ref No.: 36872542

Deadline: 11 Oct 2019

Country: India

Repair Maintenance of 300Mm Ring Main Network and Certain Misc Works at Naval Dockyard

TOT Ref No.: 26684499

Deadline: 03 Oct 2018

Country: India

Ofc Ring Network for Nav-Aids Remote Indications & Ancillary Facility Monitoring with 5

TOT Ref No.: 36628598

Deadline: 12 Oct 2019

Country: Ukraine

Adapter (fitting ring) for compressed air networks

TOT Ref No.: 27906430

Deadline: 26 Oct 2018

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