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Global Modular Warehouse Tenders and GPN from across the Globe

TendersOnTime provides latest updates on Global Modular Warehouse Tenders, Contract Awards and various other opportunities related to Modular Warehouse. The information on Modular Warehouse tenders is collected from various sources viz: government tenders portal, tender bulletin and public procurement websites.

Country: Chile

L / G Acquisition Of Modular Warehouse

TOT Ref No.: 31400296

Deadline: 15 Mar 2019

Country: Spain

New Modular Warehouse in Field of Flight

TOT Ref No.: 27460221

Deadline: 05 Nov 2018

Country: Chile

Provision And Installation Of Modular Warehouse Container

TOT Ref No.: 37448452

Deadline: 04 Nov 2019

Country: Belarus

Military unit 1242 Modular warehouse

TOT Ref No.: 38400202

Deadline: 29 Nov 2019

Country: Chile

Modular Warehouse, City Secretary Ii Called

TOT Ref No.: 39622840

Deadline: 16 Jan 2020

Country: Chile

Serv. Storage In Modular Warehouses Containers

TOT Ref No.: 41461405

Deadline: 23 Mar 2020

Country: France

Supply, delivery and installation of a modular warehouse building.

TOT Ref No.: 30210680

Deadline: 06 Feb 2019

Country: Russian Federation

Modular room (warehouse).

TOT Ref No.: 33129687

Deadline: 28 May 2019

Country: Russian Federation

Purchase of a collapsible modular warehouse for storing food and clothing

TOT Ref No.: 26315110

Deadline: 14 Sep 2018

Country: Chile

Acquisition And Installation Of Modular Warehouse Container Type, For Use Of The Finance Department

TOT Ref No.: 40201280

Deadline: 12 Feb 2020

Country: Chile

Construction Of Eight Modular Bodegas, Vi Region

TOT Ref No.: 32648727

Deadline: 20 May 2019

Country: Chile

Acquisition Of 02 Two Modular Wineries

TOT Ref No.: 36420449

Deadline: 04 Oct 2019

Country: Brazil

Provision of Engineering Services for the Supply and Installation of 04 Modular Warehouses

TOT Ref No.: 41675370

Deadline: 03 Apr 2020

Country: Russian Federation

Accomplishment of landscaping of the adjacent territory to the object is a modular quick-built

TOT Ref No.: 37290821

Deadline: 28 Oct 2019

Country: United States of America

Modular Barracks

TOT Ref No.: 43451408

Deadline: 31 Jul 2020

Country: Chile

Acquisition And Installation Of Modular Wineries In Sector 5 Villa Chilo

TOT Ref No.: 40776853

Deadline: 02 Mar 2020

Country: Germany

Establishment and Operation of a Warehouse for Aids (warehouse Management)

TOT Ref No.: 43507997

Deadline: 08 May 2021

Country: Iraq

Sulfur Warehouse

TOT Ref No.: 43514972

Deadline: 11 Aug 2020

Country: United States of America

Warehouse Specialist

TOT Ref No.: 43399792

Deadline: 13 Jul 2020

Country: France

Construction of a border inspection post in the bassens port area

TOT Ref No.: 34713849

Deadline: 18 Jul 2019

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