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Global Gis Tenders and GPN from across the Globe

TendersOnTime provides latest updates on Global Gis Tenders, Contract Awards and various other opportunities related to Gis. The information on Gis tenders is collected from various sources viz: government tenders portal, tender bulletin and public procurement websites.

Country: Senegal

Improving the MV Network GIS Database (Firm to Install GIS Software and Database, Manage GIS

TOT Ref No.: 43954790

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

Country: Mongolia

Software for GIS System

TOT Ref No.: 34994694

Deadline: 31 Dec 2021

Country: Uzbekistan

Development of GIS Systems

TOT Ref No.: 38165392

Deadline: 13 Nov 2020

Country: Belarus

Development of GIS and Hydraulic Modelling

TOT Ref No.: 38935904

Deadline: 11 Dec 2020

Country: Uzbekistan

Development of GIS and Hydraulic Models

TOT Ref No.: 43557028

Deadline: 18 Sep 2020

Country: Norway

Market Survey (Rfi) for Procurement of Gis Tool

TOT Ref No.: 44067973

Deadline: 07 Jul 2021

Country: Ghana

Installation of Traceability System and GIS Mapping

TOT Ref No.: 38269155

Deadline: 22 Feb 2021

Country: Georgia

AIR GIS Software License and Related Equipment

TOT Ref No.: 38896444

Deadline: 29 Mar 2021

Country: India

Development Contract for Iv and V of Gis Software

TOT Ref No.: 44229134

Deadline: 20 Aug 2020

Country: Senegal

GIS Applied to Surface and Flood Risk Mapping

TOT Ref No.: 40162169

Deadline: 31 Dec 2020

Country: Canada

Request for Standing Offer - GIS Consultant Services

TOT Ref No.: 40248352

Deadline: 31 Dec 2022

Country: Russian Federation

Supply of Textile and Rope Slings for the Needs of Production and Gis

TOT Ref No.: 44333124

Deadline: 10 Aug 2020

Country: France

Supply, Implementation and Maintenance of a Gis for the Management of Water and Sanitation Networks

TOT Ref No.: 44415112

Deadline: 30 Sep 2020

Country: Georgia

A3 Printer, Laptops and Desktop Computer for AIR GIS Software

TOT Ref No.: 38907422

Deadline: 29 Mar 2021

Country: Switzerland

Uw Killwangen: Procurement 16.7hz, 132kv Gis and 15kv-irs Plants

TOT Ref No.: 43469596

Deadline: 30 Apr 2021

Country: Germany

Market Investigation, Conversion Measure for Gis System Uw Siems

TOT Ref No.: 43481364

Deadline: 12 May 2021

Country: Senegal

Development of Technical and Financial Specifications for Geographic Information Systems (Gis)

TOT Ref No.: 44233127

Deadline: 26 Aug 2020

Country: India

Turnkey Tender for 220Kv Ais to Gis Conversion at Aeml Versova Sub-Station

TOT Ref No.: 44271442

Deadline: 14 Aug 2020

Country: India

Turnkey Tender for Conversion of 220Kv Ais to Gis at Ghodbunder Ehv Substation

TOT Ref No.: 44271443

Deadline: 14 Aug 2020

Country: Botswana

Supply and Delivery of Ten Hand Held GIS Data Collector (Data Logger)

TOT Ref No.: 39086947

Deadline: 21 Jan 2021

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