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Government Acetazolamide Online Tenders

On this page the user gets latest Government Tenders for Acetazolamide and other Public Procurement opportunities related to Acetazolamide. The information on Acetazolamide online tenders is sourced from various sources like: Newspapers, tender bulletin and government online tenders websites.

Country: Germany

Acetazolamide, Atc Code: S01ec01 for the Period from 1.7.2020 to 30.6.2022

TOT Ref No.: 43388697

Deadline: 05 May 2022

Country: Brazil

Acquisition of Medicines - Tablets / Capsules / Drageas

TOT Ref No.: 57400508

Deadline: 05 Oct 2021

Country: Ukraine

К 021: 2015 - 33600000-6 Pharmaceutical Products:

TOT Ref No.: 57499634

Deadline: 02 Oct 2021

Country: Ukraine

Medicines (33600000-6 - Pharmaceutical Products Lot №1 Medicinal Products Outside the National List - Aminocapric Acid, Viride Nitens, Iodine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Electrolytes in Combination Wi ...

TOT Ref No.: 57522481

Deadline: 02 Oct 2021

Country: Brazil

Acquisition of Medicines, According to Conditions, Quantities, Requirements and Estimates Established in the Notice and Its Annexes.

TOT Ref No.: 57453027

Deadline: 28 Sep 2021

Country: Brazil

The Future and Possible Acquisition of Drugs Intended for Internal Use in Municipal Health Establishments and for Free Distribution to Patients Attended by Basic Care and Support F ...

TOT Ref No.: 57648689

Deadline: 01 Oct 2021

Country: Brazil

Registration of Pecos for Aquisition of Medicines, to Meet the Needs of Recife Aeronautics Hospital.

TOT Ref No.: 57668861

Deadline: 01 Oct 2021

Country: Ukraine

Dk 021-2015: 33600000-6 - Pharmaceutical Products and Classification by Inn: Lot № 1 - Dermatological Drugs - Clobetasol, Zinc Oxide, Salicylic Acid, Ichthammol, Sulfur, Nitrofural, Hydrocortisone But...

TOT Ref No.: 57676105

Deadline: 22 Oct 2021

Country: Brazil

Non-injectable General Drugs.

TOT Ref No.: 57460958

Deadline: 28 Sep 2021

Country: Brazil

Hiring Specialized Company for the Provision of Medicines to Meet the Demands of the Municipal Health Department of Marcionílio Souza.

TOT Ref No.: 57570694

Deadline: 29 Sep 2021

Country: India


TOT Ref No.: 38728077

Deadline: 19 Dec 2019

Country: Jordan

Acetazolamide Tabs

TOT Ref No.: 43131558

Deadline: 16 Jun 2020

Country: Saudi Arabia

Acetazolamide Tablet

TOT Ref No.: 48673748

Deadline: 26 Dec 2020

Country: Philippines

Acetazolamide 250Mg

TOT Ref No.: 52851629

Deadline: 11 May 2021

Country: Philippines

Acetazolamide 250Mg

TOT Ref No.: 52779198

Deadline: 07 May 2021

Country: Philippines

Acetazolamide 250Mg

TOT Ref No.: 54465595

Deadline: 29 Jun 2021

Country: Saudi Arabia

Acetazolamide 500mg Injection

TOT Ref No.: 36683077

Deadline: 28 Oct 2019

Country: India

Acetazolamide 250Mg Tab

TOT Ref No.: 41667558

Deadline: 24 Mar 2020

Country: Sri Lanka

Acetazolamide Tablet 250mg

TOT Ref No.: 42622006

Deadline: 11 Jun 2020

Country: Russian Federation

Drug Supply Acetazolamide

TOT Ref No.: 44078504

Deadline: 14 Jul 2020

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