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Government Abciximab Online Tenders

On this page the user gets latest Government Tenders for Abciximab and other Public Procurement opportunities related to Abciximab. The information on Abciximab online tenders is sourced from various sources like: Newspapers, tender bulletin and government online tenders websites.

Country: Saudi Arabia

Abciximab Injection

TOT Ref No.: 38857632

Deadline: 31 Dec 2019

Country: Malta

Tender for the Supply of Abciximab 2Mg/Ml Vials

TOT Ref No.: 45432230

Deadline: 23 Sep 2020

Country: Malta

Tender for the Supply of Abciximab 2mg/ml vials

TOT Ref No.: 44873823

Deadline: 27 Aug 2020

Country: India

Abciximab 2Mg/Ml, 5 Ml Inj

TOT Ref No.: 55688062

Deadline: 27 Aug 2021

Country: Sri Lanka

Abciximab IV Injection 10mg in 5ml&#rl;&#nl;

TOT Ref No.: 42621469

Deadline: 09 Jun 2020

Country: India

Supply of Iron Sucrose, Nicorandil, Iohexol and Abciximab Injections

TOT Ref No.: 46811014

Deadline: 13 Nov 2020

Country: Brazil

Acquisition of consumables such as radiological contrasts, general medicines, medicines under the control of the ordinance 344/ 1998, antimicrobials, polyacrylate polyalcohol surgical implant, degener...

TOT Ref No.: 36693066

Deadline: 08 Oct 2019

Country: Brazil

Acquisition of Common Medications I

TOT Ref No.: 51603750

Deadline: 06 Apr 2021

Country: Brazil

Aquism of the Common Medicines

TOT Ref No.: 55044399

Deadline: 21 Jul 2021

Country: Denmark

Contract notice: Pharmaceutical products

TOT Ref No.: 42697281

Deadline: 19 Jun 2020

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