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TendersOnTime, the best online tenders portal, provides latest Eastern Africa Rubber tenders, RFPs, Bids and eprocurement notices from various countries in Eastern Africa region. TendersOnTime, the most comprehensive database for Government Tenders and International Tenders; collects information on Rubber from various agencies and sources that is: newspapers, online bidding sites, tenders board, etender portal and other individual bidding sites. Apart from providing information on Eastern Africa Rubber, TendersOnTime also helps its clients by way of providing bidders list, tenders support and e bidding services in various countries of Eastern Africa region.

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Country: Somalia

Procurement of Drilling Rig with Accessories

TOT Ref No.: 58221486

Deadline: 21 Oct 2021

Country: Somalia

Procurement of Assistive Devices for Children with Disabilities Inclusive of Speech and Occupational Therapy Service for Learners

TOT Ref No.: 58651132

Deadline: 03 Nov 2021

Country: Zimbabwe

Rubber Lining

TOT Ref No.: 40361588

Deadline: 02 Mar 2020

Country: Zimbabwe

Rubber Lining

TOT Ref No.: 49821428

Deadline: 01 Mar 2021

Country: Zimbabwe

Rubber lining

TOT Ref No.: 40844291

Deadline: 02 Mar 2020

Country: Zimbabwe

Supply of Rubber Stamps

TOT Ref No.: 41896629

Deadline: 31 Mar 2020

Country: Zimbabwe

Tender For Rubber and Plastic Supplies.

TOT Ref No.: 39886126

Deadline: 31 Jan 2020

Country: Zimbabwe

Supply of Rubber Stamps

TOT Ref No.: 41412407

Deadline: 13 Mar 2020

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Supply of Rubber Bands

TOT Ref No.: 57133442

Deadline: 28 Sep 2021

Country: Kenya

Supply of Rubber /Belt Conveyor Chevrone & Rubber Belt Conveyor (Colour Black)

TOT Ref No.: 49809212

Deadline: 09 Feb 2021

Country: Rwanda

Supply of Rubber Bands 120x5x3mm

TOT Ref No.: 44412336

Deadline: 15 Jul 2020

Country: Rwanda

Supply of Rubber Bands 90x15x3mm

TOT Ref No.: 44412337

Deadline: 15 Jul 2020

Country: Zimbabwe


TOT Ref No.: 40419779

Deadline: 11 Feb 2020

Country: Rwanda

Supply of Rubber dam sheets

TOT Ref No.: 43437975

Deadline: 18 Jun 2020

Country: Zimbabwe

Supply of Rubber Conveyor Belting

TOT Ref No.: 52181906

Deadline: 12 May 2021

Country: Zimbabwe

Supply and Delivery of a Flexible Rubber Hose

TOT Ref No.: 39957588

Deadline: 28 Jan 2020

Country: Rwanda

Tender of Framework Agreement for Supply of Rubber Valve

TOT Ref No.: 42703648

Deadline: 01 Jun 2020

Country: Rwanda

Purchase of Rubber ( pqt de 12 pieces )

TOT Ref No.: 43293423

Deadline: 23 Jun 2020

Country: Rwanda

Supply and Distribution of Pipette Filler in Rubber

TOT Ref No.: 44463587

Deadline: 31 Jul 2020

Country: Zimbabwe

Supply and Deliver Brake Rubber Boots

TOT Ref No.: 56028116

Deadline: 12 Aug 2021

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