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Tags: Hydro electric Installation,Hydro Electric Power Design,Hydro Electric Power Repair

Country: Rwanda

Supply of Hydro Acoustic Echo-Sounder Ek80

TOT Ref No.: 58554952

Deadline: 15 Nov 2021

Country: Djibouti

Dj-Djibouti: Supervision of the Works for Hydro-Agricultural Infrastructures, Small Hydraulic Works

TOT Ref No.: 53207685

Deadline: 19 May 2022

Country: Mauritius

Consultancy of Electric Vehicle

TOT Ref No.: 57544847

Deadline: 08 Dec 2021

Country: Zimbabwe

Servicing of Cranes and Electric Hoists

TOT Ref No.: 58417002

Deadline: 02 Nov 2021

Country: Madagascar

Supply of MV & LV Overhead Electric Cables

TOT Ref No.: 57747338

Deadline: 09 Nov 2021

Country: Zimbabwe

Servicing of Cranes and Electric Hoists

TOT Ref No.: 57975488

Deadline: 02 Nov 2021

Country: Zimbabwe

Supply, Delivery of Battery Electric Forklift

TOT Ref No.: 58673955

Deadline: 09 Nov 2021

Country: Ethiopia

Purchase of Desktop computer and Electric Power Generator

TOT Ref No.: 58828592

Deadline: 23 Oct 2021

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Supply of Water Pumps/Motor and Electric Equipment

TOT Ref No.: 57091256

Deadline: 04 Dec 2021

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Supply of H/D Electric Binding Machines 2 for Registry and 1

TOT Ref No.: 57950706

Deadline: 30 Dec 2021

Country: Uganda

Supply of Electric Material (Material Cables & Electrical Fitting)

TOT Ref No.: 58632880

Deadline: 16 Nov 2021

Country: Seychelles

Procurement of One Electric Scissor Lift to Assist its Maintenance Team While Carrying

TOT Ref No.: 58854644

Deadline: 16 Nov 2021

Country: Uganda

Installation of Hydro Electric Power at Nyakayojo HCIII

TOT Ref No.: 39115323

Deadline: 13 Jan 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Procurement of Design, Manufacturing, and Supply of 15kv and 33kv Gis Switchgear and Accessories

TOT Ref No.: 58139447

Deadline: 18 Nov 2021

Country: Ethiopia

Procurement of Design, Supply and Installation of Protection Panels, Relays and Accessories for the Protection Refurbishment at Various Substations.

TOT Ref No.: 57589135

Deadline: 16 Nov 2021

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Construction of Sumbawanga, Tunduma, Kisada, and Mbeya 400/220/33 Kv Substations and the Installation of Two Line Bays and Associated Shunt Reactors at Iringa Substation.

TOT Ref No.: 57261229

Deadline: 05 Nov 2021

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Construction of Iringa-kisada-mbeya-tunduma-sumbawanga 400kv Double Circuit Transmission Line Under Tanzania-zambia Transmission Interconnector Project (taza)

TOT Ref No.: 57261244

Deadline: 05 Nov 2021

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Construction, Testing and Commissioning of Electric Fence Switchyard Hydro Power Plant

TOT Ref No.: 36361881

Deadline: 13 Dec 2019

Country: Zimbabwe

Selection of a Technical, Legal, Financial & Transactor Advisor: Batoka Gorge Hydro Electric Scheme

TOT Ref No.: 46140932

Deadline: 10 Nov 2020

Country: Zimbabwe

Tender for Hydro-Geological Consultancy

TOT Ref No.: 40193687

Deadline: 28 Feb 2020

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