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TendersOnTime, the best online tenders portal, provides latest Central Asia CCTV tenders, RFPs, Bids and eprocurement notices from various countries in Central Asia region. TendersOnTime, the most comprehensive database for Government Tenders and International Tenders; collects information on CCTV from various agencies and sources that is: newspapers, online bidding sites, tenders board, etender portal and other individual bidding sites. Apart from providing information on Central Asia CCTV, TendersOnTime also helps its clients by way of providing bidders list, tenders support and e bidding services in various countries of Central Asia region.

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Tags: Panasonic Surveillance Systems Tenders,CCTV Camera Maintenance Service Tenders

Country: Tajikistan

Supply, Delivery and Installation of Cctv/video Surveillance Equipment for the Osce Programme

TOT Ref No.: 60380127

Deadline: 16 Dec 2021

Country: Tajikistan

Purchase of Cables, Consumables, CCTV Cameras, Office Equipment, Household Appliances, Computer

TOT Ref No.: 60570178

Deadline: 07 Dec 2021

Country: Tajikistan

Security Services for the Delegation of the European Union to Tajikistan

TOT Ref No.: 59672189

Deadline: 08 Dec 2021

Country: Kazakhstan


TOT Ref No.: 38373633

Deadline: 06 Dec 2019

Country: Kazakhstan


TOT Ref No.: 40803510

Deadline: 02 Mar 2020

Country: Kazakhstan


TOT Ref No.: 39978611

Deadline: 30 Jan 2020

Country: Kyrgyzstan


TOT Ref No.: 39214425

Deadline: 30 Dec 2019

Country: Kazakhstan


TOT Ref No.: 44596213

Deadline: 03 Aug 2020

Country: Kazakhstan

Then Cctv

TOT Ref No.: 49418383

Deadline: 27 Jan 2021

Country: Kazakhstan

CCTV with installation

TOT Ref No.: 38627003

Deadline: 12 Dec 2019

Country: Kyrgyzstan

CCTV Cameras

TOT Ref No.: 40423684

Deadline: 14 Feb 2020

Country: Kazakhstan

Cctv service

TOT Ref No.: 39652260

Deadline: 22 Jan 2020

Country: Kazakhstan

Set up CCTV

TOT Ref No.: 39955838

Deadline: 31 Jan 2020

Country: Kyrgyzstan

CCTV installation

TOT Ref No.: 39242429

Deadline: 27 Dec 2019

Country: Kazakhstan

Cctv Zhanaozen

TOT Ref No.: 45516390

Deadline: 07 Sep 2020

Country: Kazakhstan

Cctv Cameras

TOT Ref No.: 45626337

Deadline: 14 Sep 2020

Country: Kazakhstan

Cctv Battery

TOT Ref No.: 43310241

Deadline: 13 Jun 2020

Country: Kazakhstan

Acquisition of CCTV

TOT Ref No.: 41224365

Deadline: 09 Mar 2020

Country: Kyrgyzstan

CCTV Cameras.

TOT Ref No.: 41234871

Deadline: 06 Mar 2020

Country: Kazakhstan

CCTV Maintenance

TOT Ref No.: 40772661

Deadline: 26 Feb 2020

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