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Country: Mexico

Construction, Civil Works and Equipment Pumping Cart in the Green Tank

TOT Ref No.: 60130896

Deadline: 03 Dec 2021

Country: Honduras

Turbine Oil

TOT Ref No.: 38761523

Deadline: 12 Dec 2019

Country: Mexico

Acquisition of Turbine Oil Oil

TOT Ref No.: 53253860

Deadline: 24 May 2021

Country: Panama

Vertical Turbine Type Pump

TOT Ref No.: 52930896

Deadline: 25 May 2021

Country: Mexico

Acquisition of Turbine Oil Oil

TOT Ref No.: 53723600

Deadline: 07 Jun 2021

Country: Panama

Supply of Materials and Improvements in Rural Aqueducts and Turbines.

TOT Ref No.: 58289498

Deadline: 11 Oct 2021

Country: Mexico

Training of Personnel for the Maintenance and Operation of Wind Turbines

TOT Ref No.: 44190670

Deadline: 24 Jul 2020

Country: Panama

Vertical Turbine Supply Type Can 2400 Gpm

TOT Ref No.: 55591307

Deadline: 24 Aug 2021

Country: Guatemala

Turbine for Air Conditioning Equipment Type Package

TOT Ref No.: 55694320

Deadline: 30 Jul 2021

Country: Guatemala

Turbine for Air Conditioning Equipment Type Package

TOT Ref No.: 55887065

Deadline: 06 Aug 2021

Country: Panama

"supply of Materials and Improvements in Rural and Turbine Aqueducts"

TOT Ref No.: 59212600

Deadline: 08 Nov 2021

Country: Mexico

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Service to Umfrc Hydro Turbines

TOT Ref No.: 58544881

Deadline: 18 Oct 2021

Country: Nicaragua

Acquisition of Three 25 Hp Horizontal Turbine Pumping Equipment

TOT Ref No.: 49464852

Deadline: 28 Jan 2021

Country: Honduras

Turbine Oil - 60 Rooms Hydraulic Oils Sae 10w

TOT Ref No.: 54722959

Deadline: 06 Jul 2021

Country: Mexico

Maintenance Service a Wind Turbines of the Eolico Sedena Park

TOT Ref No.: 52514177

Deadline: 06 May 2021

Country: Mexico

Acquisition and Installation of Two Flexible Couplings for the Turbine Mechanical Junction

TOT Ref No.: 60165870

Deadline: 29 Nov 2021

Country: Nicaragua

Acquisition of Vertical Turbine Pump 800 Gpm 300 Ctd

TOT Ref No.: 47286000

Deadline: 09 Nov 2020

Country: Mexico

Turbine for Fan Brand Hamilton Medical Model C2 No. Catalog Msp1602

TOT Ref No.: 57400919

Deadline: 16 Sep 2021

Country: Nicaragua

Acquisition of Goods and Related Services "gas Micro Turbine System" Lot 3.

TOT Ref No.: 46082286

Deadline: 05 Nov 2020

Country: Guatemala

Order 1550/2020; No Igss Code; Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of Three (3) Turbine

TOT Ref No.: 45985469

Deadline: 28 Sep 2020

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