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Tags: Diving Instrument Tenders,Fibreglass dinghy Tenders,Semi rigid dinghy Tenders

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Transport Boat, Speed Boat and Rental

TOT Ref No.: 55768527

Deadline: 31 Aug 2021

Country: Angola

Fishing Boats

TOT Ref No.: 42390768

Deadline: 05 Jun 2020

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Boat Transportation

TOT Ref No.: 45306820

Deadline: 01 Sep 2020

Country: Cameroon

Acquisition of Boats

TOT Ref No.: 55954484

Deadline: 27 Aug 2021

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Supply of a Boat

TOT Ref No.: 56408487

Deadline: 31 Aug 2021

Country: Angola

Surveillance and Rescue Boats

TOT Ref No.: 42388041

Deadline: 05 Jun 2020

Country: Cameroon

Purchase of Gilds and Boats

TOT Ref No.: 41863428

Deadline: 07 Apr 2020

Country: Congo

Supply and Delivery of Boat Speeds

TOT Ref No.: 38189769

Deadline: 06 Dec 2019

Country: Angola

Provision of Three (3) PSVS boats

TOT Ref No.: 45389977

Deadline: 04 Sep 2020

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Shipment of Packages by Train and Boat

TOT Ref No.: 55523285

Deadline: 06 Aug 2021

Country: Angola

Procurement of Motor Cycles and Patrol Boats

TOT Ref No.: 56913916

Deadline: 07 Sep 2021

Country: Cameroon

Acquisition of a Speed Boat with Two (02) 75hp Engine

TOT Ref No.: 51506969

Deadline: 06 Apr 2021

Country: Angola

, Surveillance and Rescue Boats and Fishing Boats - Cpavcdp

TOT Ref No.: 53635328

Deadline: 15 Jun 2021

Country: Cameroon

Acquisition of Four Fishing Boats with Four 15hp Engines and Fishing Nets

TOT Ref No.: 52140682

Deadline: 16 Apr 2021

Country: Central African Republic

Constructions of Boat Ramp at Deep Sea Fishing Authority (Tuna Fishery)

TOT Ref No.: 38623082

Deadline: 06 Jan 2020

Country: Angola

SPN - Angola - Supply and installation of devices in 130 boats - Fishery Sector Support Project

TOT Ref No.: 38990593

Deadline: 31 Dec 2019

Country: Angola

Supply and Installation of it Masts and Devices for Monitoring and Management of 130 Boats

TOT Ref No.: 45218906

Deadline: 07 Oct 2020

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Republication-acquisition of a (1) Quick Boat Has Nine Motor (9) Places with Accessories

TOT Ref No.: 54178086

Deadline: 30 Jun 2021

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Invitation to Bid for Supply of Speed Boat with Trailer Cart to Unhcr Compound in Baraka of South

TOT Ref No.: 46829768

Deadline: 22 Nov 2020

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

of a Boat / Deck in Ndiko, Sector of Boso Melo and the Track Between Ndiko Rive and Ndiko Long of 7.05Km in...

TOT Ref No.: 41848127

Deadline: 06 Apr 2020

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