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TendersOnTime, the best online tenders portal, provides latest Central Africa Automobile tenders, RFPs, Bids and eprocurement notices from various countries in Central Africa region. TendersOnTime, the most comprehensive database for Government Tenders and International Tenders; collects information on Automobile Tenders from various agencies and sources that is: newspapers, online bidding sites, tenders board, etender portal and other individual bidding sites. Apart from providing information on Central Africa Automobile tenders, TendersOnTime also helps its clients by way of providing bidders list, tenders support and e bidding services in various countries of Central Africa region.

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Country: Cameroon

Preselection of Insurance Companies with a View to the Subscription of Automobile and Global

TOT Ref No.: 57332672

Deadline: 27 Oct 2021

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Automobile Fleet Insurance

TOT Ref No.: 38503060

Deadline: 10 Dec 2019

Country: Cameroon

Insurance of the Automobile Fleet

TOT Ref No.: 38911612

Deadline: 03 Jan 2020

Country: Cameroon

Subscription of Assurances Automobile

TOT Ref No.: 47627840

Deadline: 09 Dec 2020

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Automobile and Building Insurance

TOT Ref No.: 53023571

Deadline: 20 May 2021

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tender For General Mechanical and Automobile Equipment

TOT Ref No.: 42107923

Deadline: 30 Apr 2020

Country: Cameroon

Provision of Automobile Insurance Services

TOT Ref No.: 39284279

Deadline: 20 Jan 2020

Country: Cameroon

Vehicle Spare Parts (automobile)

TOT Ref No.: 50827453

Deadline: 25 Mar 2021

Country: Cameroon

Provision of Automobile Insurance Services

TOT Ref No.: 50829665

Deadline: 25 Mar 2021

Country: Cameroon

Provision of Automobile Insurance Services

TOT Ref No.: 56612322

Deadline: 28 Sep 2021

Country: Cameroon

Coverage of AER Vehicles in Automobile Risk

TOT Ref No.: 47875319

Deadline: 17 Dec 2020

Country: Cameroon

Garage, Automobile Assistance and Supply of Spare Parts

TOT Ref No.: 52746608

Deadline: 18 May 2021

Country: Cameroon

Supply and Installation of A Geolocation System for The ACMS Automobile Fleet

TOT Ref No.: 41316705

Deadline: 11 Mar 2020

Country: Cameroon

Supply of an Automobile Insurance Policy (including Stickers), Goods Transported, Fire Buildings

TOT Ref No.: 37970269

Deadline: 09 Dec 2019

Country: Cameroon

Policies in Automobile Insurance

TOT Ref No.: 48622944

Deadline: 19 Jan 2021

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Accident Insurance, Automobile Insurance and Residential Home Insurance

TOT Ref No.: 57545053

Deadline: 30 Sep 2021

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Supply, Assembly and Installation of Educational Equipment

TOT Ref No.: 49822542

Deadline: 01 Mar 2021

Country: Cameroon

Subscription of Insurance D Fonts and Thumbnails

TOT Ref No.: 52288432

Deadline: 18 May 2021

Country: Cameroon

Provision of Insurance Services

TOT Ref No.: 45717029

Deadline: 30 Sep 2020

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Acquisition of a Car Transport in Favor of the General Secretariat of Culture and the Arts (Acquisition of a Double Cabin Pick-Up)

TOT Ref No.: 48118999

Deadline: 19 Dec 2020

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