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Country: Cameroon

Acquisition of Chemical

TOT Ref No.: 59970606

Deadline: 03 Dec 2021

Country: Cameroon

Provision of Agricultural Inputs (Fertilizers and Chemicals)

TOT Ref No.: 12152590

Deadline: 31 Dec 2022

Country: Cameroon

Tender For Acquire And Support Farmers with Agro Chemicals for Maize and Irish Potato Production

TOT Ref No.: 40358429

Deadline: 20 Feb 2020

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Supply of Agro-Sylvo-Pastoral Equipment, Chemical and Organic Products for Transport Equipment

TOT Ref No.: 48457985

Deadline: 28 Dec 2020

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Procurement of Laboratory Equipment Agro Unikin, Agro Unik Fac Sciences Unikis

TOT Ref No.: 42770938

Deadline: 24 Jul 2020

Country: Central African Republic

Consultant Services for the Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project

TOT Ref No.: 60131982

Deadline: 10 Dec 2021

Country: Chad

Tender For Agro-Meteorological Support for Producers

TOT Ref No.: 41277574

Deadline: 04 Jun 2020

Country: Cameroon

Acquisition of Equipment in Agro-Pastoral Clothes

TOT Ref No.: 45348412

Deadline: 02 Sep 2020

Country: Chad

Upgrading, Installation of Agro Weather Stations

TOT Ref No.: 41277575

Deadline: 04 Jun 2020

Country: Angola

Small Agro-Processing Equipment - Banana

TOT Ref No.: 52722072

Deadline: 09 Jun 2021

Country: Central African Republic

Small Agro-pastoral Enterprises: Recruitment of Small Agro-pastoral Enterprises

TOT Ref No.: 50230103

Deadline: 02 Mar 2021

Country: Central African Republic

Medium-sized Agro-pastoral Enterprises: Recruitment of Agro-pastoral Smes for the Implementation

TOT Ref No.: 50230107

Deadline: 02 Mar 2021

Country: Sao Tome and Principe

Rfp - Development of Agro-Processing Value Chains (Stp10 - 0000009605)

TOT Ref No.: 54417353

Deadline: 05 Jul 2021

Country: Cameroon

Study with a View to the Development by Agro-Sylvo-Pastoral Operating

TOT Ref No.: 53633909

Deadline: 18 Jun 2021

Country: Cameroon

Consultancy: Design of a Practical Guide to Agroecology Adapted to Agro-Systems

TOT Ref No.: 41508887

Deadline: 30 Mar 2020

Country: Central African Republic

Recruitment of Agro-pastoral Cooperatives for the Implementation of the "matching Grant

TOT Ref No.: 50230099

Deadline: 02 Mar 2021

Country: Chad

Development of Agro-Pastoral and Fish Farming Activities around Ponds and Dams

TOT Ref No.: 41277260

Deadline: 04 Jun 2020

Country: Cameroon

Recruitment of an Agro-finance Specialist for the Coordination Unit of the Viva Benoue Project

TOT Ref No.: 48639406

Deadline: 07 Jan 2021

Country: Cameroon

Consultants for the Preparation of Agro-Pastoral Territorial Development Plans (PTD)

TOT Ref No.: 50306997

Deadline: 04 Mar 2021

Country: Cameroon

Recruitment of an Agro Engineering Enterprise to Construct and Equip 20 Greenhouses

TOT Ref No.: 56466161

Deadline: 06 Sep 2021

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