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XLine Office Furniture is preparing to open to European market from Netherlands Technology and Equipment

28 Apr 2019| Posted by Morris | In Technology and Equipment

XLine Office Furniture, which has become its own brand since 2010, is preparing to start its operations in the Netherlands, which has become the logistics center for the European market. Gökçe Atmaca, chairman of XLine Office Furniture Board of Directors, stated that the company had started to work with its own design and R & D teams to form the XLine brand in 2010. Gökçe Atmaca stated that they have signed many special projects in addition to determining the standard products for all the needs groups in office furniture field, among these projects, offices and dormitories as well as offices, dormitories, hotels, airports, hospitals, construction sites and similar buildings. noted.

As the target region for overseas studies,

Gokce Atmaca said, dik We have seen that our products are very suitable for the market in our fairs and in Europe. Because our production and design is planned on a complete modular system. We produce transformable products. Over time, our customers can add or remove all of our products in line with their needs or spatial changes. Thanks to this feature

functional and environmentally friendly products emerge, fonksiyonel he said.

”The Netherlands is the logistics hub and distribution base of Europe“

Product constitutes the raw material in the production of particle boards plates of Turkey Gokce that the information is first in Europe hawk, "we can reach the amount of raw material is very comfortable and we want to maximize our product delivery rate. All of the machines that we use in our production are of German origin and all other elements come together with high quality products. Üretim

Gokce Atmaca, who pointed out that the Netherlands has become a logistics center and distribution base for the European market in recent years, said: una Our company wants to be directly in the Netherlands instead of giving a dealership and we want to carry out all the works together with our local partner. Our work on this issue has reached a certain stage. We are planning to start our activity in the near future and to continue this trade in mutual imports and exports in the future. Yakın Atmaca said that XLine has been carrying out customer-oriented R & D activities since the day it was founded. Lard Our aim is to develop environmentally friendly products that will provide functional, aesthetic, modular and optimum benefits that can meet the possible needs of our customers in the future and in the future, instead of producing the cheapest product. ’

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