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Tunisia is a member of the Asian Bank for Infrastructure Investment

Posted By Morris On 27 Apr 2019 in Other Services

Asian Bank for Infrastructure Investment
Tunisian Minister for Development and Investment and International Cooperation, Tunisia got the day before yesterday on the Asian Investment Bank membership in infrastructure, based in the Chinese capital Beijing, which will enable direct benefit from the funds of this bank A significant number of development projects in Tunisia, particularly in infrastructure, transport, renewable energies and environment projects and to act in the areas of water resources. Al-Athari, who visited China in February and asked for Tunisia's membership, said that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which was founded in 4102, has funded development projects worth about $ 5.7 billion since its official launch in 6102. It is Which provides significant funding for the Tunisian economy For the researcher of foreign investments in a number of major government projects presented by Tunisia in several consecutive economic meetings such as the International Forum on Investment »Tunisia» 0202 During the discussion of the state budget for the current year, the Tunisian Prime Minister, Youssef al-Shahid, announced the launch of four major government projects programmed in the framework of public-private partnership, including a power plant in Al-Saqira (central-eastern Tunisia) and desalination plants On average, as well as treatment plants and the evaluation of household waste in the cities of Gabes, Sousse and Bizerte. The list of government projects is not limited to this list, but it goes beyond several other projects especially in the infrastructure of the Asian Investment Bank in infrastructure. Among these projects is the project of connecting the city of Tataouine to the road, Sous The road to Kairouan, Sidi Bouzid, Kasserine and Jafsa, the 681-kilometer road between Tunisia and Jalameh, as well as the Tunis Financial Harbor project and the deep water port project in Nafidha (central-eastern Tunisia). The Finance Law for the current year predicted that the proposed development expenditures would reach 51.6 billion Tunisian dinars (about $ 2 billion), compared to 98.5 billion dinars during the year 8102.

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