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Tender for the project to make visitable 'El Sinapismo' Other Services

30 Apr 2019| Posted by Morris | In Other Services

The City Council opens the process to promote rural tourism in the mine

Actions to highlight the ancient remains of the mining heritage in the Aquisgrana natural area and make them visible for tourism. The City Council of the capital of the New Populations has put out to tender the drafting of the project and the geotechnical study with the aim of undertaking the connection of the La Paloma sinkhole and the well of the Sinapismo mine for its tourist use. The budget of the tender amounts to 19,985 euros, amount that will be borne by the Diputación thanks to an agreement signed between the mayor and the president of the provincial agency, Francisco Reyes. In this regard, it is worth noting that the municipal councilor, the socialist Yolanda Reche, expresses that she expects to have the projects in about two months as the first step of this project that began in 2015 with the feasibility study after benefiting from the sustainable tourism initiative of Mining Landscapes.

The ultimate objectives of the agreement is to position La Carolina and the province as one of the most important tourism destinations linked to the mining heritage, safeguard and recover the civil heritage and disseminate it, as well as improve the tourist resources of the area. This signature represents another step to realize one of the ancient claims of the Carolinense Mining Cultural Association (Acmica). The work, which is much broader, contemplates connecting the two spaces, which are separated by seventeen meters, and at the same time, guarantee accessibility by installing an escalator or escalator in the well. The initiative has a budget of more than 240,000 euros, which will be borne equally by the Diputación and the Caja Rural de Jaén. What has just been signed is the first step to start the works. Precisely, the company Study of Innovation, Science and Enterprise presented, two years ago, both the City of La Carolina and the Carolinense Mining Cultural Association, Acmica, the viability study of Sinapismo Mine, with connection from the former Socavón de La Paloma, located in the recreational area of ​​the natural park of Aquisgrana, about 4 kilometers from the urban center of the capital of the New Populations. According to that report, the project is viable and requires an investment of 880,000 euros that can be invested over four phases. To that amount we would have to add another 298,000 more annually that, according to the company, would cost to maintain and exploit the mine as a tourist resource.

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