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Support rural aquaculture projects

Posted By Morris On 30 Apr 2019 in Construction and Real Estate

aquaculture projects
The Sedeco Ahome will open a window with Conapesca to deliver more than 6 million pesos in these supports. The Ministry of Economy of the municipality of Ahome will open a window with Conapesca to support rural aquaculture projects. "For the first time at the national level, a window will be opened at the municipal level, that is, a window with Conapesca for what is rural aquaculture. The projects that exist in the municipality of Ahome will be through and directly from the Secretariat of Economic Development. Before this was handled through the state, it had never been given through a municipality, "said Omar Cabrera Durán. The Secretary of Economic Development Ahome said that this is a fact, because they already have the approval of Conapesca so that in this case the municipality of Ahome, through the Ministry of Economic Development, is the window to be able to deliver these projects . Cooperatives may develop projects for support. "They are going to come with us to the window and they move on to a Conapesca committee, but we are the receptive ones," he said. He said that in Conapesca the rural aquaculture program was opened as of April 1 and the window for the reception of projects in the municipality will open between Wednesday and Thursday of this week in the Ahome Sedeco. The official said that for these projects there is a resource of 6 million 667 thousand pesos.

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