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Supply the European Union with gas from the north of Russia

Posted By Morris On 11 Feb 2019 in Materials and Products

The dispute over North Stream 2 Berlin and Paris by night diplomacy have nevertheless reached a compromise on pipes that will supply the European Union with gas from the north of Russia The pipeline will be monitored by Germany, and the European Commission will in future have greater control over all enTHE FRENCH APPEARS HAS BEEN INCURRING INCIDENT AND THE FACTS AS ANGELA MERKEL IS MOVED WITH SCENE After France announced on Thursday that it will support the changes to the gas directive in Brussels, which translates to halting the North Stream 2 project, the construction of a pipeline from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea, only a day later it was announced that Berlin and Paris nevertheless found a compromise solution. The construction of the gas pipeline has already been greatly delayed, and with the Russian gas company Gazprom, which is the bearer of the entire deal, the North Stream 2 project includes large German and French energy companies - the project's price is $ 11 billionEnergy addiction Diplomatic ties between Berlin and Paris were glowing between Thursday and Friday. With the support of the gas directive, a regulation under which Bruxelles could demand that the gas pipeline owner, that is, Russian Gazprom, does not have the right to simultaneously manage the system and be a natural gas supplier, the EU planned to stop or at least slow down this project. The main thesis was that the Russian gas pipeline would further turn northern European countries into hostages of Moscow dependent on the delivery of energy from Russia, and damage to Ukraine and Poland, which earned on the transit of Russian gas. In an agreement agreed between Berlin and Paris during the night, instead of formulating how the EU rules will apply to the territory of all member states and all the countries through which the gas pipeline passes, a form has now been introduced that the gas pipeline will be legally controlled by Germany and the European Commission will have greater control over all energy projects, and even above the North Stream 2, that too much does not become dependent on energy products from Russia. - This is a great day, without German-French co-operation, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who threatened the biggest foreign-policy defeat with the collapse of North Stream 2. Recall, French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday that Paris will abandon the project and cancel its entry to the Munich Security Conference in mid-February. Otherwise, the work on the pipeline, which begins in Russia, and ends in Germany, is already going on greatly. Every few kilometers of gas pipelines are laid, and the whole project is worth about 11 billion euros. The rapid agreement between France and Germany did not break the fact that the two big oil companies of both countries are involved in the project. Geopolitical significance North Stream 2 is not only an economic but also a political issue that greatly affects the geopolitical image of the old continent. First of all, it is the unity of the European Union, because it is clear that Germany will not give up on this project. On the one hand, Angela Merkel's ally is Russian President Putin, while Macron, at least on Thursday, bowed to politics by US President Donald Trump. And Trump has long been a favorite in the European Union, which he once claimed to be an organization that needs to be destroyed. By reaching an agreement between France and Germany, the consolidated political situation is again one of the two largest, EU member states. There is also a gas pipeline that is now going through Ukraine and the thesis that Kiev will lose some of its revenue. Russia has given assurances that it will not use gas as an asset

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