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Signing more than $64 billion cooperation agreement

Posted By Morris On 30 Apr 2019 in Construction and Real Estate

Xi Jinping: Summit creates business opportunities (Beijing 27th Comprehensive Electricity) The roundtable summit of the 2nd "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit held in Beijing closed on Saturday afternoon. Chinese President Xi Jinping met with reporters at the Yanqi Lake International Conference Center in Beijing to introduce the main results of the Summit Forum. Xi Jinping said that the entrepreneurial conference held during the forum attracted many business people to participate and signed a project cooperation agreement totaling more than 64 billion US dollars (RM264.5 billion). He said that these achievements fully demonstrate that the "One Belt, One Road" should be built in the trend, win the hearts of the people, benefit the people and the people, and benefit the world. Xi Jinping also said that he announced on Friday a series of major reform and opening up measures that China will adopt. It is widely believed that this is good news for China and the world and will provide important opportunities for building the “Belt and Road” and the development of the world economy. The “Belt and Road” outcome belongs to the world Xi Jinping said: "This forum has sent a clear signal to the outside world. The circle of friends who have built the "Belt and Road" is getting bigger and bigger, the number of good partners is increasing, the quality of cooperation is getting higher and higher, and the development prospects are getting better and better. I have said many times that the initiative to build the “One Belt, One Road” initiative originated in China, and the opportunities and achievements belong to the world. Building the “Belt and Road” is a long-term project and a common cause of cooperation.” "China is willing to work with all parties to implement the consensus of this summit forum and jointly promote the "One Belt, One Road" to build a better future with high quality development." Welcome the participation of financial institutions from multilateral countries "We will continue to expand financing channels and reduce financing costs. We welcome multilateral and national financial institutions to participate in investment and financing cooperation. We also unify and extensively carry out rich and diverse forms of humanities exchanges and implement more people's livelihood cooperation projects. We all support the construction of 'one area' All the way 'cooperation, adhere to the development orientation, support the global development cause, especially the implementation of the UN 2030 sustainable development agenda, strive to achieve clean and low-carbon sustainable development, while helping developing countries break the bottleneck of development, better integrate into the global value chain, industry Chain and supply chain and benefit from it." Xi Jinping also stressed that the countries participating in this "Belt and Road" forum decided to strengthen "all-round, multi-field" cooperation and build "high quality, sustainable, risk-resistant, reasonably priced and inclusive" infrastructure. We also support efforts to build a "new era of silk roads that are clean and tidy and environmentally friendly" and to dock "universally accepted international rules and standards." The Entrepreneur Conference held during the Summit attracted many business people to participate and signed a project cooperation agreement totaling more than US$64 billion, achieving a total of 283 pragmatic results. Xi Jinping said that the market principle will apply to the “Belt and Road” project. This landmark initiative will not only rebuild the old Silk Road that Asia and Europe will join China, but also achieve green and high-quality development. Cooperation consensus into a future action guide Xi Jinping said that the "One Belt, One Road" forum will conduct in-depth discussions on relevant issues, improve the concept of cooperation, clarify the key points of cooperation, strengthen the cooperation mechanism, and reach a broad consensus on building a high-quality one-generation road. These consensuses are reflected in the joint communiqué unanimously adopted at the round table and will be a guide to action in the future to promote the Belt and Road. The 3rd "One Belt, One Road" International Cooperation Forum, officially held by China, was officially closed on Saturday evening. After the meeting, the official press conference was held. Xi Jinping explained the results of the forum, but he did not accept the questions from the Chinese and foreign media.

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