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Seedling ceremony in the first Golestan Agricultural Wood Project Materials and Products

26 Feb 2019| Posted by Morris | In Materials and Products

first project of the province's agricultural project, planting of seedlings with the participation of people and provincial authorities in the village of Aghchi-Garchelar in the city of Azadshahr was conducted. The ceremony was attended by the Director General of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Golestan Province, but Friday from Sonnat, Azadshahr city, "The Natural Resources and Watershed Directorate General of Qezel Soflo, while referring to the slogan of this year's weekly natural resources titled" Natural Resources, the largest national capital, added, "he added," To protect this national capital in issues such as conservation, development of green space and development Trees with high potential and high public participation "The plant was planted in the national arcades around the village under the name of rural agriculture and gardens and the development of 10 acres of green space," he said. The first planting was started in the village of Aghchi Gargholar Azad Shahr, "he said in an end to the applicants for tree planting." We expect that tree planting will take place earlier in order to succeed and deploy better seedlings, "he said.

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