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Rationalisation Saudi Arabia launches energy efficiency services in the military sector

Posted By Morris On 17 Apr 2019 in Power and Energy

 energy efficiency services
The National Energy Efficiency Services (Rationalization) Company in Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with the Ministry of National Guard to rehabilitate the premises of the Ministry and its affiliates to be more efficient in energy consumption. According to the agreement, Rationalization will rehabilitate the buildings according to the technical studies that will determine the most suitable energy efficiency solutions according to international standards. These projects will start from the main building of the National Guard and King Abdul Aziz Medical City and its affiliated hospitals, followed by the headquarters of the National Guard. Aimed at "rationalizing" the upgrading of energy efficiency in addition to Usually qualify for 02,000 street lighting lamps under the scope of the Ministry of National Guard in Riyadh. According to the preliminary technical studies of the rationalization company, the current consumption of the buildings of the main compound of the Ministry of National Guard reaches annually to 02 thousand megawatts per hour, and for King Abdul Aziz Medical City, the current annual consumption amounts to 150 thousand megawatts per hour and aims to rationalize consumption by about 52 Cent for the main compound and 30 per cent for the medical city. The importance of Rationalization projects with the Ministry of National Guard is that it is part of the company's projects that aim at rationalizing energy consumption in the governmental sector with the importance of the government and private sectors adopting energy efficiency initiatives because of the operational benefits that contribute to the improvement of the working environment of employees and auditors, Benefits Economy.

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