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Qatar Development Company Launches the 'Al-Fekra 2019' Competition Other Services

08 Jan 2019| Posted by Morris | In Other Services

Doha - Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has launched the 7th edition of the National Entrepreneurial Competition to support entrepreneurship development in Qatar. The competition is based on the best business plans prepared by Qatari entrepreneurs who can turn them into successful business ideas, This is done by organizing a series of workshops that help them to present their ideas in a more precise and professional manner.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Bin Nasser Al Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Development Bank, said: "The Bank seeks to develop a group of Qatari companies that are the brainchild of Qatari youth with outstanding performance to be the nucleus of successful entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of the private sector in the country. Through innovative work based on proposed action plans.

We aim to foster a culture of innovation in Qatar and introduce new products and services, leading to the emergence of new businesses that contribute to diversifying the local market.

The "Idea" contest for the current year will be divided into three categories, including Emerging Projects (the idea of ​​Business Ideas, the idea of ​​my project), university students, and finally the idea of ​​entrepreneurial challenges to find solutions to some of the challenges that can be Converted into ideas and business projects serving the state.

While Qatar Development Bank (QDB) is seeking to sort out about 150 participants, all applicants will be subject to a preliminary screening process from February 17 to 12, and the training sessions will start from February 42 to March 7. After the completion of the training sessions, Plan and update their business based on what they have learned.

The aim of this step is to audit the business plans submitted to ensure that they meet the criteria set before they are delivered to the Evaluation Committee. The closing ceremony will be held on 03 April, with the top eight finalists presenting their final projects to the jury to determine the winners of the first three positions for each category.

The winners will receive various services from Qatar Development Bank, such as business incubators, finance and consulting, so that they can mature their ideas and turn them into commercial ventures.

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