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Project for the military would bring savings of $ 92.3 billion in a decade Defence and Security

24 Mar 2019| Posted by Morris | In Defence and Security

Bolsonaro will analyze more than one project option for retirement rule changes and career restructuring.

Estimated fiscal impact of Mourão causes noise

President Jair Bolsonaro is due to analyze alternatives to the pension plan for the military, scheduled to be sent to Congress in the afternoon. According to the special Secretary of Social Security and Labor, Rogério Marinho, all proposals will generate savings for the National Treasury, even with the inclusion of measures to restructure the careers of the category.

The estimated impact value generated noise yesterday among members of the government. The current president, Hamilton Mourão, even said that the expected economy would be around $ 13 billion over the next 10 years. Later, he stepped back and said the number was incorrect.

When it presented the proposal that touches on social security rules for civil servants and private sector workers, the economic team announced that the project for the military would bring savings of $ 92.3 billion in a decade, although the text was still in format .

According to Marinho, Bolsonaro, who is returning from the US today, will choose which project will be sent to Congress and how much the economy will be. "The idea is for him to decide between the options that will be put on the table and we can even deliver the project tomorrow [today] still in the House to comply with the schedule," he said.

According to Mourão, the contribution rate of the military will increase 14% over the next two years, being 10.5% for social security and 3.5% for the health plan, which is already paid for the category.

The presentation of the proposal to the militias has been a recurrent demand among parliamentarians. Members of the CCJ (Constitution and Justice Commission) of the Chamber of Deputies, where it handles the general reform of Social Security, have already warned that they will not vote on the admissibility of the proposal without sending the project of the military.

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