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Project launch Nucleus and new laboratory Technology and Equipment

30 Apr 2019| Posted by Morris | In Technology and Equipment

The Núcleo project is a social entrepreneurship platform that seeks, mainly, the promotion of innovation through entrepreneurship projects for young people; It is promoted by Glasswing International with the support of the UTEC and various organizations. This project means the opportunity to be part of the Salvadoran innovation ecosystem through a laboratory of innovation and social entrepreneurship for the city, which will function in the building of the Vice-Rector for Research and Social Projection of this house of studies. The installation of the Social Innovation Laboratory at the UTEC is aimed at providing young people with the opportunity to meet and work with undertakings on an individual or group multidisciplinary scale; and it is presented as an open space to collaborate in social innovation projects that seek to train students with critical thinking, in solidarity and with the tools to forge in them and others a better quality of life.

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