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Nebras acquires stake in three power plants in Jordan

Posted By Morris On 05 Mar 2019 in Materials and Products

three power plants
Nebras acquires stake in three power plants in Jordan Qatar has expanded its investments in the energy industry by announcing new projects in the clean energy sector. After the huge contracts announced by Qatar Petroleum and Qatargas to expand exploration, exploration and gas supply worldwide, Nebras Energy Company, Nebras Investment Management BV, Announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire AES Corporation's stake in three existing power generation projects in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in partnership with Japan's Mitsui & Co Limited. Nebras Investment Management BV will be the largest shareholder in these companies and will lead operations Operating at these stations, which have a total production capacity of about 650 MW, which represents more than 14% of the total electric power installed in the Kingdom of Jordan. The announcement coincides with Qatar Petroleum's plans to launch strategic projects in four new destinations, adding to traditional destinations in Europe and Asia, to further Qatar's leadership in the industry and exports of LNG. The new expansion coincides with interest in Latin America, Africa and China as key areas for exploration and exploration activities. This strategy has succeeded in expanding Qatar Petroleum's international presence in exploration and exploration.

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