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Moral and safety issues dominate PSL proposals Defence and Security

09 Feb 2019| Posted by Morris | In Defence and Security

Prohibition of contraceptives, restriction of legal abortion, institution of the Non-Party School, compulsory inclusion of education in moral and civic education in schools, combat of cristophobia and increase of sentence for crimes involving minors under 18 years of age. The PSL federal congressional bloc, the party of President Jair Bolsonaro, began the legislature in the House with a focus on moral guidelines and proposals focused on security.

Associated with the political group of Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ), son of the president, federal deputy Márcio Labre (RJ) proposed in a bill to prohibit the sale and distribution of contraceptive methods. In the text, the parliamentarian said that it is necessary to prohibit "any and all micro-abortifacients" such as the IUD, the morning-after pill, the progestin-only pill (minipill), the subcutaneous progestin-releasing implant (Norpant) 486, the anti-HCG vaccine and "any other device, substance or procedure that causes the death of the human being already conceived, throughout its entire gestation, especially before implantation in the endometrium".

The MP accuses the Ministry of Health of authorizing "the practice of crimes against life" and accuses the Ministry of committing a "stellation" when offering the IUD and the morning-after pill. According to Labre, women have been "deceived by the fallacy that they would be using a contraceptive, when in fact they are using micro abortives". "Youtuber," the deputy maintains the "Canal Labre TV" and was quoted to take over the PSL directory of Rio, replacing Flávio Bolsonaro - who decided to remain in the state's presidency of the party.

The proposal had a strong negative impact on social networks and, with criticism, Labre asked yesterday to withdraw the project he had presented two days earlier. The legislator said that his proposal was "beaten" by him because he presented five other bills, and said that the text does not represent it.

Like Labre, most of the PSL party in the House has little experience in the House: of the 53 deputies, 47 are newcomers.

Labre, however, presented other controversial projects, such as the review of indemnities to political prisoners, the enforcement of sentences regardless of finality, and the restriction of legal abortion.

For the parliamentarian, the only possibility of abortion should be when "pregnancy brings evidence and unequivocal risk of life to the pregnant woman." The current legislation allows the interruption of pregnancy in three cases: due to rape; when gestation poses a risk to the mother's life, and when the fetus has no brain.

As late as last night, PSL parliamentarians had tabled 61 propositions, out of a total of 925 registered by deputies since the beginning of the legislature, on Friday.

Professor Dayane Pimentel (PSL-BA) wants to include moral and civic education in the primary school curriculum of public and private schools to rescue "permanent and immutable values ​​of a society and a nation, such as family, citizenship, ethical behavior, and love of the Fatherland. " "One has the impression that precepts like 'you will honor father and mother' are becoming obsolete," Dayane writes in the bill.

After being recently affiliated with the PSL, after the election, Ms. Bia Kicis (DF) defends the "School Program without Party", in the education systems of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the municipalities, and says that the public power should not influence "the process of sexual maturation of students or allow any form of dogmatism or proselytism in addressing gender issues." The deputy proposes to allow the recording of the classes by the students so that "parents or guardians" can evaluate them and intends to prohibit student groups from having political-party activities.

Jair Bolsonaro's campaign banner and most PSL candidates, the security issue also has a strong presence in the projects presented by the party's parliamentarians. Gurgel (RJ) intends to "increase the sentence by up to double the number of cases involving the participation of children under 18 years of age in the crimes of homicide, robbery, rape, and drug trafficking."

Heitor Freire (EC) wants to expand the types of crime that can be framed as terrorism, such as planned attacks from prisons by members of criminal factions. Another proposition of the parliamentarian is to unleash the project that allows the carrying of firearms by lawyers for personal defense.

Representatives Joice Hasselmann (SP) and Carla Zambelli (SP) presented similar projects to change the treatment of those who hold public office. In place of "Your Excellency", they should be called as lord or dear sir.

Congresswoman Chris Tonietto (RJ) was the parliamentarian of the PSL who most submitted applications for solemn sessions for honors. There were 15 of them, among them to honor the day of the family, the unborn child, against pedophilia, to combat cristophobia, and in remembrance of the memory of Princess Isabel and of Our Lady

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