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'Mining' grants 35 licenses for 13 government projects Mining and Ores

23 Feb 2019| Posted by Morris | In Mining and Ores

The Director General of the General Directorate of Mines and Quarries and the supervision of the Mining General Authority of Mining Chairman of the Technical Committee for the licensing of landfill materials. Salem bin Omar Al-Ibrahim said that the Sultanate's government is working rapidly in establishing development projects that serve the public interest. The most important of these is the completion of the basic construction, which witnessed great progress through the completion of many of these projects.

He explained that the roads of the important projects in the last phase and the next phase as well, they serve the public interest in the main, and perhaps the Muscat highway has had a significant impact in facilitating traffic and reduce pressure on other roads, where these projects through the work of art and extensive study in full The basic requirements for their construction to be completed in the required manner, as paving requires reactive materials The Authority also examines the applications submitted by the executing companies of the governmental projects with a number of concerned parties, which require their approval prior to the commencement of work in each area according to their specialization. Projects were delayed because of the lack of conformity of the standards, Each side has a specific point of view according to its competence, and this work is assigned to art Licensing of the committee was formed by ministerial decree number) / 123 (2014, issued on 4/28 C 2014 / for the formation of the Technical Committee for the granting of licenses for the landfill materials) quarries crushers for the implementation of government projects (

According to the resolution, the committee is entrusted with a number of tasks, the most important of which is the study of suitable sites for the granting of permits for quarrying projects (quarries quarries for the implementation of government projects), to be ready after approval by government agencies to grant temporary mining licenses for the implementation of government projects. The principle of standing on the sites proposed in the field for decision-making Wasp on the possibility of granting licenses, where during the past field visits to identify candidate sites to provide projects implemented as a way companies fast Batinah third pack, and duplication of Adam Thumrait road 80 kilometers to Haima. Speed ​​up work

The Commission faces a number of obstacles that slow down the work process, such as the lack of discipline of some companies in complying with the requirements of approvals issued by the concerned authorities, as well as starting the sites before issuing the final licenses. However, the Technical Committee for Licensing has proposed some solutions to speed up the process and to achieve the fastest possible, and to avoid the interruption of project work, as the government entity benefiting from the project to follow the project contractor to terminate the required licensing procedures and guarantees from the concerned government agencies as soon as possible and add the item in the application form for the temporary mining license, Final licensing procedures in a limited period To intensify the monitoring process of the licensed sites to ensure that the requirements of the approved approvals are not violated and to study all applications for the governmental projects of the Ministry of Transport and Communications in all the governorates of the Sultanate, including Dhofar Governorate, as there are several existing projects in the governorate. Contractors conduct surveys on proposed sites to find out the quality Materials before they are submitted to the Committee to save time, unify the dimensions and distances from residential, governmental, agricultural schemes, public roads and internal between the Ministries of Environment and Climate Affairs and the Ministry of Housing for the limits of the selected sites for government projects before the Committee.

Through this positive step to speed up and organize the work in these applications, the Committee has been able during the past period to facilitate and expedite the study of many applications submitted by companies working in the existing government projects difficulties to be approved by the relevant authorities with the issuance of several licenses for companies working in these projects, Which reached 13 government projects, with 35 permits.

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