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Marina and theme parks, the investor for large projects Construction and Real Estate

07 Jan 2019| Posted by Morris | In Construction and Real Estate

The period of 2013-2018, the Greek Cypriot side was informed that 13 billion 500 million Euro income was generated from tourism.

According to the data of Haravgi's Greek Statistical Office, in 2013/2018, tourist arrivals and tourism revenues increased by 63 percent and 30 percent, respectively. In 2013, tourism revenues reached 2 billion 700 million Euros, of which 2 billion euros were. In the said 6-year period, the total number of tourists was 18 million 200 thousand and the tourism income was 13 billion 500 million Euros.

Tourism Organization is history

Meanwhile, the Undersecretariat of Tourism, which was established in the Greek Cypriot side, officially began its operations with 4 million tourists and annual revenues of 2 billion 2 million Euros. The Greek Tourism Organization (KOT) was the date.

Stating that there are big challenges to be faced by the Undersecretariat, one of them is a dependency on exchange rates, the newspaper said, this problem, Brexit referred to as a member of the European Union membership of the EU and the Euro and Pound exchange rate between the next month may be further exacerbated by the exchange wrote.

According to the news, the Tourism Ministry Undersecretary Savvas Perdios, the most important five objectives of the Undersecretariat explained: bulun To determine the national strategy related to tourism, the extension of the season, such as marina and theme parks, the investor for large projects, such as development of agricultural tourism and development of all tourism regions.

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