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Inviting Local Contractors to Participate in the Tender for the Sungai Anib Flood Mitigation Project Tender.

Posted By Morris On 24 Dec 2018 in Agriculture and Food

Irrigation and Drainage
Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Junz Wong is inviting local contractors to participate in the tender for the Sungai Anib Flood Mitigation Project tender. He said the project under the supervision of the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) cost a total of RM40 million involving three kilometers of river expansion and deepening works. He said that with the implementation of the flood mitigation project, it would solve the flood problem that had previously been a complaint from local residents as well as road users. "We announce early on this tender offer to allow contractors to be more sensitive because previously many complain about missing out on such offers or not getting tender documents believed to be due to bureaucratic red tape. "Here I would like to emphasize that the ministry is committed to abolishing any procedures that may delay or delay the execution of a project. "If any of the contractors are facing this situation (bureaucratic red tape), they can find me. I hope this problem does not arise anymore. I will try to administer this ministry well and be transparent, "he explained. Tender of the Sungai Anib Flood Mitigation Plan project will be open on January 15 and site visit will be conducted a week later (January 22). Wong said the project would be tendered late at the end of April next year with the implementation period of two to three years. Meanwhile, Wong said he would only approve and implement projects based on the allocation given to ensure that they are completed within the scheduled period. He said it was different from the approach of the previous government that approached and implemented the project despite the inadequate allocation, thus causing many projects to be slowly completed or delayed.

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