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Invest 100 Million Euros in the Installation of an Aviary

Posted By Morris On 16 Jan 2019 in Agriculture and Food

Installation of an Aviary
Company restructures poultry project that had been Lusiaves "will honor the commitment made to the population of Mira to invest 100 million euros in the installation of an aviary, an incubator and a factory of rations in the locality. The announcement was made by the company, in response to the revelation of the House of Mira, which reported days ago that the project would not proceed, following the constraints caused by a negative environmental assessment of the National Laboratory of Engineering and Geology (LNEG). The company's source told JN that there were more autarchies interested in hosting the investment, but the company chose to reshape the Mira project. Lusiaves will now move forward "by delivering a redesigned project in which the number of pavilions to be installed will be 15 (half of the planned) and there is no construction in the areas that the LNEG considered as dune geomorphology and not subject to any intervention." The reformulated project will be submitted to the competent entities "this month". The company also says that only LNEG "has raised reservations about the location suggested" by the Chamber.

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