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Indonesian agricultural companies hold new agreements with Al Meera Agriculture and Food

31 Mar 2019| Posted by Morris | In Agriculture and Food

The Indonesian ambassador to the country, Mohammed Besri Sidibahi, stressed that the economic relations between Qatar and Indonesia have witnessed great growth in the last period and exactly in the period following the crisis that has passed the country for nearly two years, but it succeeded in avoiding them and leaving them without losses. Trade has been estimated at 16 percent over the past three years, after several new agreements have been signed at the government and private levels. Indonesia has become one of the most attractive destinations for Qatari investment. "Many Qatari companies have projects in Jakarta and other cities such as Qatar National Bank (QNB), which acquired 78 percent of Xuan Bank and Ooredoo Telecom, which owns 65 percent of Indosat TPK, , Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) has acquired the Matahari Mall, Paignton Energy, and is awaiting more Qatari investments in Indonesia in the coming stage. The Indonesian ambassador said that the volume of trade between Qatar and Indonesia last year amounted to 999 million dollars, a significant increase compared to the previous situation. He pointed out that the most prominent Indonesian exports to Qatar are electronics, cars and foodstuffs, while Jakarta imports from Doha Gas and petroleum.

As for the recent new partnerships between Indonesia and Qatar, Sidihabi revealed that the 7th Qatar Agricultural Exhibition, which concluded a week ago, witnessed the signing of a new agreement between cv.n and international food distributor Indonesia and Al Meera Food Company, Of the vegetables and fruits in the coming months, the goods that will be produced in an innovative way depends on the equipment. He continued: This partnership will certainly support many other partnerships in the future in the agricultural sector, Many of the proposals and investment opportunities, especially in Indonesia, which has the availability of all the possibilities of agricultural success.

Increased partnerships

The Indonesian ambassador expected to increase the number of partnership agreements between the two countries in the coming period, especially in light of the keenness of the two governments to achieve this, and the exchange of official visits at the governmental level, as well as the private sector where a delegation of Indonesian businessmen visited Qatar in March, One table with the representatives of Qatar Chamber, to study the current situation of economic relations between the two countries, and try to increase the proportion of cooperation between them, especially as all the possibilities available, Whether for Qatari investment in Indonesia or Indonesia in Qatar or even increasing export and supply volumes between Doha and Jakarta, especially as Qatar has a strong airlift to Indonesia through regular flights to Surabaya and Batam Bali and other cities.

Prospects are promising

"Indonesia offers many promising investment opportunities in various sectors, including tourism, agriculture and industry," he said, adding that Indonesia's cities are characterized by high fertility soil that facilitates agricultural work and makes it one of the most important areas to be enjoyed. With the interest of foreign investors, in addition to tourism, which is one of the most important sources of income in this country, where the number of tourists annually exceeds millions, The state's dependence on the halal tourism system that makes Jakarta and other cities a destination for hundreds of thousands of Muslims, not to mention the industry that has been booming lately, especially in the production of technologies, allowing businessmen to choose this sector, He called on them to launch projects in the infrastructure sector in the state as it is on the path of growth and opens the doors of investment in a wide way.

Investment facilities

Regarding the facilities provided by the Indonesian government to Qatari businessmen, the Ambassador of Indonesia confirmed that the government in his country is keen to provide all guarantees to non-Indonesian businessmen in order to attract them to launch projects in the capital Jakarta and other areas. The local law allows foreigners to own the projects and other benefits, That Qataris are given greater facilities because of the friendship between the two countries as well as their common vision in many international issues As evidenced by Indonesia's participation in the proposal to establish a global federation of Islamic digital finance, expressing the readiness of the Indonesian Embassy to provide all facilities and clarifications to Qatari businessmen wishing to invest in Indonesia.

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