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20 May 2021| Posted by Marsh | In Defence and Security

TendersOnTime, the leading content agrregator provides infromnation on latest puvblic procurement opportunities from various infustry sector including defence eprocurement, Defence RFP, Defence Contracts and defence e tender. We cover all three wings of Defence Sector viz- Army, Navy and Air. The information on Defence eProcurement is sourced from various sources like: defense eprocurement portal, ministry of defence online tenders site, department of defence procurement sites and newspapers etc.

As per SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) the average spent on global defence procurement is more than 2 Trillion USD. Countries spent a substantial portion on their GDP to protect their boundaries. IN some cases the % spent is more than even education and healthcare. The top 5 countries with highest defence expenditure are: The United States of America-732 Billion USD, China-261 Billion USD, India-71 Billion USD, Russia-65 Billion USD and Saudi Arabia- 62 Billion USD.

The countries with highest spend on defence based on percentage of their GDP are: Oman-8.8%, Saudi Arabia-8.0%, Algeria-6.0%, Kuwait-5.6% and Israel-5.3%.

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