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Equipment financed by La Rochambelle at the CHU Materials and Products

25 Mar 2019| Posted by Morris | In Materials and Products

"In addition to continuing to support the projects funded in 2018, donations collected during the 2019 edition of the Rochambelle have helped support a new project," announces the organizing committee of the Courts of Freedom. This is a 3D coelioscopy column, an innovative minimally invasive surgery system in the gynecology department of the University Hospital of Caen. "The connection is often made between the Rochambelle and breast cancer. Unfortunately, there are other types of cancers that women face. Gynecological cancers (uterus, cervix, ovary) are part of it. This project fits perfectly within the framework of the objectives of our call for projects, because it concerns the quality of the care provided to the patients ", adds Josette Bréville, president of the ethical committee of the Rochambelle. "The 3D coelioscopy makes it possible to facilitate and improve the surgical intervention thanks to the 3D vision, to reduce the risks of complications and a faster postoperative recovery," lists Dr. Mélusine Turck, a hospital practitioner at the CHU of Caen-normandie.

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