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Energy sector will be much better in 2021 Power and Energy

28 Apr 2019| Posted by Morris | In Power and Energy

Nihat Özdemir Limak Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors, planned to be implemented with the Energy Venture Capital Fund in the sector is expected to support companies with financial difficulties, said: "As an energy investor in 20192020 I can see the problems, but I believe that the 2021 energy sector will come to a very good situation," he said.

While the projects in the energy sector were implemented, the investors calculated the electricity prices at a level of 6.5-7 dollars / cent, while the low demand - high supply prices attracted up to $ 5 / cent.

Özdemir pointed out that the investors had difficulty in repaying the financing and that a significant portion of the investments were financed by the Turkish banks. Eğer If we suffered from a problem in the energy sector, Turkish banks would be troubled. Therefore, it was planned to create the Energy Venture Capital Fund. Neden Let us support the companies that they will relax the banks, in this way to get over this period, 'he thought. As an energy investor in 2019-2020 I can see the problems but I believe that the energy sector will come to a very good state by 2021. With the support of the state support us. If we can get through, we will see improvements in the energy sector from 2021, I think the faces of investors will laugh, "he explained.

Özdemir stated that the details of the structure of the Energy Venture Capital Fund have not been clarified yet, fon I do not think that investments will be transferred to the fund. Under more economic conditions, a fund will be set up to help companies to pay the bank's debts, with lower interest or longer payment periods. I think, "he said.

We are very interested in YEKA tenders

Özdemir said that after the completion of the Çetin Dam, they will reach a hydroelectric capacity of about 400 megawatts.

As they grow in hydroelectricity, they also aim to increase their capacity in solar energy. Una In Isparta, our 5.5 megawatt solar power plant was commissioned. tenders, but take no fortune. After that in many cities in smaller capacities will be both wind and solar YEKA auctions. We are interested in these tenders, "he said.

Ozdemir, said in the mining industry in which they operate, as well as investments in renewable energy that they passed into a new phase, gold, silver, copper, cobalt, told me they started to work for quality mineral that can be found in Turkey, such as titanium.

In the scope of qualified mining in the fields of Çanakkale, Balıkesir, Erzurum Özdemir voicing the tender for the fields, "as a result of these tenders we have started drilling in the fields. After drilling drilling in these regions will determine how large the size of plants can be.

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