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Doha Films supports 83 projects in 2019

Posted By Morris On 01 Jan 2019 in Other Services

Doha Films supports 83 projects in 2019
The film series and the web have a strong presence for Middle East filmmakers Doha: The Doha Film Foundation (DFF) has announced a list of film projects that have received funding for the Fall Scholarships. It includes 83 film projects for Qatari and international filmmakers as well as directors from the Middle East and North Africa from more than 51 countries. The Doha Film Foundation Fellowship Program is one of the major initiatives to support new film talent and fund films that address global issues. For the first time, the scholarship program includes television series and web series whose authors and directors belong to the Middle East and North Africa. The Foundation will support two series in each category to underscore its commitment to supporting various narrative narrative patterns that reflect trends in the industry. "The award program focuses on supporting filmmakers in the region to achieve their aspirations and ambitions in the film industry," said Fatima Hassan Al Rumaihi, CEO of the Doha Film Foundation. By supporting original cinematic voices, promoting creative interaction and providing appropriate support for the entire filmmaking cycle, we are We are actively contributing to strengthening the integrated film industry in the Arab world. " "In addition to providing the necessary financial resources for the film industry, Al-Rumaihi added:" The Foundation is working to provide opportunities for acquaintance and communication with experts and professionals and provides guidance to filmmakers from Qatar and the region to emerge on the global stage. This year the grant program has been expanded to include web and television series in recognition of the importance of embracing these platforms and new narrative styles. By addressing many issues and adopting different narrative approaches, we are confident that this year we will have a tremendous impact on the global level. " Of the 83 selected film projects, the list includes 3 films by Qatari directors, including two short-lived novelists and a long documentary. The course also includes 81 women's film projects. Of the award-winning filmmakers in the course, 5 have previously received support from the program, reflecting the organization's commitment to long-term relationships. In recognition of the support of influential films for well-known filmmakers, grants include funding for the new film by veteran filmmaker Nasser Khameer. As the Palestine Film Unit celebrates its 50th anniversary, six Palestinian film projects were selected for grants, a clear indication of the development of the Palestinian film industry. Lebanon also has seven award-winning films, while film projects from Mexico, Lesotho and Russia are supported for the first time. The grants also included filmmakers from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bolivia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Serbia, Sudan and Tunisia. The fall season saw the largest number of applications, exceeding 764 applications, including 051 from outside the MENA region, eight of which were post-production, a record number at this stage. Eight pilot projects or feature films were selected for directors from the Middle East and North Africa and beyond. The film funding initiatives of the Doha Film Foundation provide creative and financial support to filmmakers in Qatar and around the world, helping them launch their artistic skills, effectively manage their productions and make high-quality films. The Foundation supports voices emanating from Qatar and the world, and provides creative and financial assistance to enable it to translate its stories into vibrant film projects. We hope to discover quality film projects with a regional link and contribute to a variety

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