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Defense Industry Presidency 2 billion TL R & D Project Defence and Security

08 Jan 2019| Posted by Morris | In Defence and Security

Turkey's most R & D investment in the case that the defense industry sector, of which only the R & D project portfolio is conducted by the Defense Industries Chairman TL 2 billion level was learned. The Presidency has more than 72 projects under its structure. R & D projects, material for a broad range of technologies and subsystem gains up to ensure the independence of Turkey was planned to be targeted to critical product.

According to the data of the Defense Industry Presidency, 10.3 thousand people in the defense-aviation sector are more than 44 thousand people. Total R & D investment of the sector reached 1 billion 237 million TL in 2017.

According to various sources, under the coordination of the Defense Industry Presidency, several projects have already been developed under the titles of composite, rare earth elements and refractory group metals, sensor technologies panel, additive manufacturing roadmap. In 2019, new project areas will be determined in the fields of graphene materials, energy materials and CBRN (Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear threat protection) technologies, cyber security technologies and sensor technologies.

New projects signed

In the meantime, the Defense Industry Presidency signed the agreement for 10 new R & D projects on 2 January. In this context, Aluminum New Generation Alloy Development (Mirror), Insensitive Feeding Charging Development (Hearing), Developing Low Frequency Active Sonar System (Düfas), Multi-Shaft Steel Development with Hot Shaping (Dagger), High Voltage Power Supply Development for Twt (Kudret), Development of Permanent Magnet Neodium (Ndfeb) for Stirling Coolers (Magnet), Development of Infrared Detector Kit (Pomegranate), Development of Local Detection and Detection System for Nuclear Radiation Threat (Radat), Development of Moving Wave Tube Microwave Power Amplifier (Traveler), Innovative Software Project (Y3) contracts were signed with 15 contractors-subcontractors and entered into force.

Within the scope of the projects, most of the technologies used in defense platforms, systems and subsystems, from aviation materials to materials required for armor steel, to infrared detection technologies, are aimed to be acquired and produced locally.

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