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Construction of the Anayza Dam at a cost of 300,000 dinars

Posted By Morris On 18 Apr 2019 in Construction and Real Estate

Dam Construction
The Secretary General of the Jordan Valley Authority Ali Al-Kuz and the Director of the Royal Engineering Corps, Brigadier General Khaled Al-Shantair and the Director of Environmental Compensation at the Ministry of Environment Mohammed Al-Jazi signed an agreement to implement and establish the Anayza Dam in the Jawa district of Mafraq Governorate. Al-Kuz said that the ministry is working in cooperation with the Environmental Compensation Program for the fifth year in a row to maximize the water harvesting and raise the storage capacity according to the national strategic plan to reach more than 80% of the rainwater harvesting in the Kingdom. He pointed out that the agreement signed will work on the construction of a 13-meter-long earth dam with a length of 190 meters to store about 300,000 cubic meters in the Wadi Onaiza area, adding that the system of dams and pits is working to develop the living and environmental reality and find job opportunities through implementing pilot agricultural and animal husbandry projects. For tourism investment projects, which reduces poverty and unemployment in neighboring areas. He explained that the implementation of the work of this dam will be carried out by the technical and engineering staff of the Engineering Corps and under the supervision of the Directorate of Water Harvest in the Jordan Valley Authority and the cost of 300 thousand dinars with the implementation period of 18 months. For his part, Al-Jazi said that according to the plan of action of the program, the project of construction of dredges and dams in the targeted watercourses was included in the three northern, central and southern desert areas to improve the efficiency of rainwater utilization and provide a water source for livestock irrigation, pastoral shrubs and reducing the effects of drought, Mechanisms and livestock. For his part, Shantair stressed that this cooperation comes under the guidance of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces in assigning national efforts to achieve development projects that benefit the citizens.

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