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Complete List of Government Contracts Awarded Other Services

13 May 2021| Posted by Magnus | In Other Services

In the Public Procurement cycle, Contract Award process is the second last process before the procurement audit. Technically speaking every day, almost the same number of contacts are being awarded as the number of contracts/tenders are floated.

TendersOnTime provides the comprehensive List of Government Contracts Awarded from all across the globe and from all industry segments. On an average we process more than 10000 Contract Award per day. The number is less compared to the very obvious reason that not all the tendering authorities are publishing this information in public domain; though it is mandetory in almost all the countries.

The information on contract award notices published by TendersOnTime contains values like: information about the purchaser, suppliers, contract value, project location and tentative date of project completion. Contract Award Notices are the notices containing information about the contract awarded to the supplier/s or a consortium of suppliers. In public procurement contracts are awarded after careful consideration and evaluation on different parameters. Each purchaser has its own evaluation criterion. But for financed projects the purchaser or the Project Implementing Unit (PIU) must follow the guidelines of the financier or the funding agency.

Some of the procurement methods adopted by various purchasers for tenders evaluation and award of teh contract are: CQB (Selection Based On Consultant's Qualification), FBS (Selection Under a Fixed Budget), LCS (Least Cost Selection), QBS (Quality Based Selection),QCBS (Quality And Cost-Based Selection), SDC (Service Delivery Contracts), SSS (Single Source Selection), Direct Contracting, FCA (Force Account), ICB (International Competitive Bidding), ISH (International Shopping), LIB (Limited International Bidding), NCB (National Competitive Bidding) and NSH (National Shopping), etc.

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