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Can private institutions use e procurement or CPP? Other Services

22 May 2020| Posted by Admin | In Other Services

No private institution can use the e-procurement system of government of India procurement system for their own use. But yes, if you are reffering to the supply side, then yes, all private and government entities can bid and supply to government of India purchasing entities by participating in tenders published on CPPP (Central Public Procurement Portal). If you are interested in Tender Publishing for your own organization then you can use private Tender Aggregator like: TendersOnTime.

The Central Public Procurement Portal of Government of India is meant for procurement by central government organizations like: Railways, Defence, Public Sector Units, Banks, Post and Telecom, Nuclear Power Corporations etc. It has two portals, one for tenders publishing and the other one for e-procurement.


Similarly almost all state government have their own procurement system or have outsourced to few private vendors.




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