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Caldas to showcase its projects at the International Defense Conference 2019 Technology and Equipment

20 Feb 2019| Posted by Morris | In Technology and Equipment

Abu Dhabi - Calds invites all media outlets to visit its pavilion at IDEX 2019 International Defense Exhibition and Conference to learn about the growth plans of the Abu Dhabi-based defense technology company.

Caldes will showcase to visitors at its IDEX stand its light and multi-tasking "Badr 250" B-250 and the "Infant" combat infantry that will be unveiled for the first time during the show. During the IDEX 2019 event, the Caldas will discuss the latest developments in its growing activities, including the latest developments on its B-250 fighter, as well as details of the infantry combat vehicle "Monster." The Calds B 250 was first shown at the Dubai Air Show in November 2017. The list of visitors to the Calds platform at the Dubai Show included a group of key government figures, official delegations from several foreign countries "Founded in 2015, Caldes, the world leader in defense technology manufacturing and development, aims to deliver high-performance, low-cost solutions. Modern and asymmetrical, which were first shown at the Dubai Air Show on 12 March (November) 2017. Calds is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and is currently building a factory in Al Ain.

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