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Belgian police oppose government's purchase of 49 armored luxury vehicles

Posted By Morris On 26 Feb 2019 in Transport and Related Services

armored luxury vehicles
The Belgian government's 49 armored luxury Mercedes cars to use in the service of foreign presidents coming to the country caused the police to react. Police unions, who had waited for months to take a ballpoint pen and had to go to the house raid by train due to lack of vehicles, consider the tender of 25 million euro luxury vehicle as "extravagance". Belgium's Interior Ministry signed a contract with Carat Duchatelet, which won the tender for the 49-vehicle armored Mercedes S-class car last month. Under the contract, the Belgian company will deliver seven armored luxury vehicles to the federal police for seven years each year. For cars ranging in price from 400 to 500 thousand euros, a total of 25 million Euros will be paid. Federal unions with police in the country want to explain the government, stating that the tender of luxury vehicles was made without consulting them. “We can't get pants“ German police union (ACV) spokesman Joery Dehaes argues that the last need for a police force on the verge of bankruptcy is armored luxury vehicles. Speaking to the Belgian media, Dehaes voiced his reaction: Para We find months to buy pants that we have requested, or the pants worn by the uniform. We have to wait for a long time even for the vital computer for research. There's no money for it. Al Recently, Veurne police were in Brussels to look for a house for human trafficking went by train. "

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