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A careful study of investment in the region and global markets Financial Services

17 Apr 2019| Posted by Morris | In Financial Services

Investment ideas and investment contributions internally and externally and we are open to any field of investment, including real estate. The main objective is to increase the share of insurance from the company's budget and increase competition in the local market. The company is known and its share of the largest companies in the local market and we hope for more. And how to deal with competition in the local market, he said: We always focus on excellence in services and how to show service and products in the right way and sound, diligence in sales. Adding that the stability of the company and its position and financial strength is important and its brand is very important for us. We will develop and develop our products to reach the largest customer base. 2019 plans and whether to see the opening of external projects, the CEO said that the success of Qatar Airways in 2019 will continue, and there are very vital projects, one of which is the share of the company in a project in Algeria and we are proud of a project of this size in Algeria. Other projects are worth doubling especially since the opening of the first stages will be soon, God willing. "We are familiar with investment markets, the company is ambitious and there is a careful study of the global markets and the region, and now we are focusing on increasing the share of insurance, and God willing, we will strive to get the share," Al-Afrangi said. Bigger, and spread to the region more. And the local market is a competitive market and a very positive market. Thankfully, all the indicators are positive in all sectors thanks to the unlimited support of the wise leadership. The CEO adds: "We have become the spiritual father and supporter of all the financial and insurance institutions of Qatar Central Bank. Certainly benefiting from this support. And whether there is an intention to acquire insurance companies in the local market or outside, the CEO said that the strategic decisions are presented to the Board, the company's financial position is very excellent and all ideas are put forward for the benefit of the company and shareholders. With regard to securing facilities related to the World Cup and infrastructure in the State of Qatar, he explained that the company aims to have a great footprint in the service of the national economy and any future tourism projects, we are to serve our country in any stages and there are also social responsibilities on us and we will be present and continue to show Qatar Insurance's overall picture of reinsurance and reinsurance.

As for real estate assets and properties, the CEO pointed out that there are many of them including the World Trade Tower, several properties located in many places in Qatar and very distinctive places, and there are various foreign investments. "These assets are diversified in investments that reduce risk rather than focus in certain places and we will work hard on sound diversity." The CEO adds, "There are large portfolios in stocks and bonds, real estate investments and in many fields, There are also some subsidiaries such as the Islamic General Takaful, so the company's spread exists and will continue for the better in the future, and the company has its own medical insurance and grow in the right way is one of the services of the general country. As for the state insurance, it is under discussion and we are available at any time and under the order of the state at any time.

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