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713 million Ripaeol Real Estate Safety

Posted By Morris On 06 Feb 2019 in Construction and Real Estate

Real Estate Safety
The volume of real estate transactions in the sales contracts registered with the Department of Real Estate Registration at the Ministry of Justice during the period from January 72 to January 13, 2010 amounted to 713 million and 514 thousand and 24 riyals. According to the weekly bulletin issued by the Department, the list of real estate sold includes land, housing, residential buildings, multi-use land and multi-use buildings. Sales were concentrated in the municipalities of Al Rayyan, Al Zaain, Doha, Umm Salal, Al Khor, Al Amra, Al Wakra and the North. The volume of real estate trading has reached during the period from January 02 to January 42, 423 million and 325 thousand and 075 riyals. This comes on the back of the confirmation of the report of Al-Asmakh for real estate projects that the projects of the road program carried out by the concerned parties more than 200 projects in five different regions, noting that of those projects, which have been completed a large number of them, and still in the process of work. Pointing out that the development of infrastructure in these areas will be an attractive factor for real estate investment, and will contribute to increase the demand for it. The report added that one of the road projects under way is the Wakra parallel road, which lies west of Al Wakra. This will contribute to the real estate boom in these areas, as it will be easily accessible from several quarters and will witness improved infrastructure. The real estate sector will benefit from other projects under implementation, which cost SAR162 billion. These include not energy projects or private sector projects, but projects under construction in the infrastructure and transportation sectors, sports projects, Sector projects Yum and health. As well as other development projects, the report pointed out that these projects will contribute significantly to accelerate the growth of companies engaged in real estate and contracting. The report pointed out that this spending will support the real estate sector, in particular the guidance refers to the support of private sector participation in development projects and provide a catalyst investment climate capable of attracting foreign funds and technologies and to encourage national investment, and avoid entering the government companies in competition with him, m It will lead to an increase in growth in the Qatari real estate companies, as well as national construction companies of. The report pointed out that most of the contracts established by the state for infrastructure projects in the last two years have been awarded to Qatari companies and to alliances of Qatari companies with non-Qatari companies, 38% of the total value of signed contracts, according to official statements.

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