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48 construction companies operate with ITIFE

Posted By Morris On 30 Apr 2019 in Other Services

educational establishments
CMIC Companies of the sector participate in maintenance and in new works of the educational establishmentsWithin the current fiscal year, around 48 construction companies in the southern area of ​​Tamaulipas work on infrastructure projects in schools of all levels, participating in the tenders carried out by ITIFE, either in the maintenance or construction of schools. Gerardo Holguín, delegate in Tampico of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), said that among the requests made to the head of the state agency Germán Pacheco, was to continue working on the projects that are contemplated. "In this year there are about 160 affiliates to the CMIC in the south of Tamaulipas that are operating, of them, around 30 percent, which are 48 companies, are those who are active with some work that the ITIFE is executing, since either in the maintenance or in the new infrastructure projects that the organization carries out, "said the delegate of the Chamber. He added that there are companies that try to collaborate on more proposals that ITIFE has on its doorstep, knowing that there are similar ones who have been granted a specific work. "There is good news that they will improve with more supervisors and with the implementation of the office in Tampico will be more efficient administrative processes," he said. For 2019, the ITIFE has more than 825 million pesos to apply in various projects, although it is less than last year (a cut of $ 200 million), the director Germán Pacheco explained to the builders that they will look for more money for pending proposals. "We continue with the Federation seeing the way we have more money," he added.

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