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Survey and Monitoring of Activities (Baseline Survey)

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Tender Details

  • Niger
  • Survey and Monitoring of Activities (Baseline Survey)
  • 26th Sep 2019

Other Information

  • 34285396
  • 02/2019/ABK/P_KRESMIN
  • ICB
  • African Development Bank (AfDB)
    Quartier RYAD, Avenue BAWA Jan GORZO (à côté de la plaque avocat), BP 206, Niamey – Tel (227) 20 73 23 13 Fax : (227) 20 73 21 85 Attn: Mr. Amadou HAROUNA
    Email :kandadji@intnet.ne

Key Values

  • General Procurement Notice for Survey and Monitoring of Activities (Baseline Survey). Niger has received a loan from the African Development Bank / African Development Fund / Nigeria 1 Trust Fund for financing (project title). The objective of the Project is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and the regeneration of river ecosystems. The specific objectives of this structuring, multisectoral and multi-purpose project are: (i) regulating the low-water flow for regeneration . of . ecosystems and securing water supply; (ii) increasing agricultural and animal production on a sustainable basis by controlling irrigation and rationalizing the development of natural resources; (iii) and the increase in the access rate of electricity to populations in rural, peri-urban and urban areas, in several cities and towns in Niger. Procurement of works, goods (including non-consulting services), and procurement of consultancy services, financed by the Bank under the project, will be carried out in accordance with the Procurement Framework for operations financed by the Bank. Bank Group, October 2015 edition. More specifically, the acquisitions will be carried out according to: i) The Borrower`s Procurement System (SPM). The use of the SPM will be done using the standard national bidding documents (DNSAO) or other tender documents as approved during project negotiations for works and common goods contracts. , low complexity and low amounts, planned under the project and generally available in Niger and; ii)BankProcurement Methods and Procedures (BPM): based on the relevant standard tender documents (DSAO) for works contracts and larger and more complex goods and services. consultants deemed to be the best suited. The project has the following components: ü Component A: Dam and Electrical Equipment Construction of a flow control structure for the Niger River; realization of a retention of 1.5 billion m 3 ; deviation of the RN national road; installation of Hydro-Electric Power Plant equipment ; installation of a high voltage line of 188 km. ü Component B: Environmental and Social Safeguard Implementation of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP); and Implementation of the Plan of Action 1 Relocation (PAR) ü Component C: Growth pole: Development of a growth pole in the river valley Niger. ü C OMPONENT D: Project Management: Coordination activities, acquisition, management, auditing, monitoring-evaluation, communication : Establishment and implementation activities (staff training, promotion and monitoring of gender, and data analysis and archiving). The modes of acquisition of works, goods and services of consultants as well as the availability of tender documents and notices of expressions of interest for the first 18 months are as follows: Property & Works Description of the lot Fashion Publication date acquisition from the AAO Goods Pirogues and fishing gear AOO 06/15/2019 Equipment for the fight against water hyacinth AOO 15/10/2019 Mosquito AOO 15/11/2018 Radio equipment RANET AOO 15/11/2018 Hardware AOO 15/10/2018 Works Civil Engineering Dam Lot 1A (Coast 224) AOO 02/13/2017 Protected areas management AOO 03/15/2020 Servicing of PAR 2A sites in 5 lots AOO 30/11/2020 Opening of the sites in 2 lots AOO 06/15/2020 Arrangement of perimeters for women`s groups AOO 06/15/2020 Construction of collective infrastructures (works of collective infrastructures and AOO 30/11/2020 public Museum building AOO 06/05/2019 Consulting Services Description Method of Publication date selection FRIEND Consulting Services (Firm) Study and control of the works of the female perimeters SBQC 06/15/2019 Recruitment of a consultant for the update of ODA and DAO and the supervision of SBQC 06/30/2019 museum construction work Technical assistance in environment SBQC 15/10/2019 Study of migratory patterns of fish SBQC 15/10/2019 Study on the environmental monitoring system SBQC 15/12/2019 PAR 2A project management (external monitoring / evaluation) SBQC 08/15/2019 Study and control Viabilisation of PAR 2 sites SBQC 08/15/2019 Legal assistance to legal remedies SBQC 08/15/2019 Agricultural NGO recruitment SBQC 03/15/2020 Training and access to reproduction SBQC 15/10/2019 Strengthening women and youth and combating CC SBQC 15/10/2019 Financial and accounting audit of the project SMC 07/15/2019 Manual update SE SMC 15/10/2019 Survey and Monitoring of Activities (Baseline Survey) SMC 15/10/2019 Control opening up of the sites SBQC 15/10/2019 Individual Consultants Consultations of short duration THIS 07/15/2019 Expert in procurement THIS 06/01/2019 Relocation Specialist THIS 07/15/2019 Gender specialist sociologist THIS 07/15/2019 2 environmentalist THIS 07/15/2019 accounting THIS 06/01/2019 Expert monitoring evaluation THIS 07/15/2019 Expert monitoring ecosystems THIS 07/15/2019 Community markets Description Publication date Deforestation of restraint 06/15/2019 Community forest developments 15/10/2019 Interested bidders can obtain further information and should confirm their intention to the following address: Kandadji Dam (ABK) Agency, RYAD Ward, BAWA Jan GORZO Avenue (next to the attorney plaque), BP 206, Niamey - Niger, Tel (227) 20 73 23 13 Fax: (227) 20 73 21 85, E-mail: Kandadji@intnet.ne . Mr. Amadou HAROUNA Phone (227) 20 73 98 39 Fax (227) 20 73 21 85 [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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