AKAKUS OIL OPERATIONS COMPANY has floated a tender for Providing Catering, Cleaning, Gardening and Handling Services. The project location is Libya and the tender is closing on 16 Dec 2021. The tender notice number is BC-2021-GS-02, while the TOT Ref Number is 60416224. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by Registering on the site.

Expired Tender

Procurement Summary

Country : Libya

Summary : Providing Catering, Cleaning, Gardening and Handling Services

Deadline : 16 Dec 2021

Other Information

TOT Ref.No.: 60416224

Document Ref. No. : BC-2021-GS-02

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Purchaser's Detail

Tripoli/Al-Tahda Road branching from Airport Road, P.O. Box: 91987 Tel: +218-214802630/39 Ext. 7034 & 7005
Email :bcommittee@akakusoil.com

Tender Details

Tenders are invited for Providing Catering, Cleaning, Gardening and Handling Services for the Company-s Main Site in Tripoli and the Tanks Barn in Zawia City. Akakus Oil Operations Company (formerly Repsol) is a subsidiary of the National Oil Corporation. The company operates two concessions in the south of Libya, one of them, concession m 115, located approximately 1000 km south of Tripoli, and the second is concession m 186, located near the first concession, about 30 km away, as well as a barn of tanks in al-Zawiya, 40 km west of Tripoli . Akakus Oil Operations Company announces the launch of Tender No. BC-2021-GS-02 for catering and cleaning services as in the summary of the job description below. This call is for all national companies specialized in the field of catering and cleaning, provided that they have the experience and competence necessary to provide catering, catering and cleaning services, and have the necessary licenses that enable them to engage in catering and cleaning activities. Job description summary: · Providing catering, cleaning, gardening and handling services for the company-s main site in Tripoli and the tanks barn in Zawia city · Providing catering and cleaning services for the Sharara field in Ubari Offer Validity: · To apply for this tender, the required data in the qualification requirements below must be submitted via e-mail within a period of seven (7) days only from the date of the announcement. · An electronic copy of the bid brochure will be sent upon completion of the qualification phase to all bidders who meet the necessary conditions for qualification. · Those who qualify for the bid must submit technical and commercial offers within a maximum period of 20 days from the date of receiving the electronic copy of the bid brochure. The last day to receive offers during official working hours should be before 12:00 noon. · No offers will be received outside the specified time period. Qualification requirements: Basic qualification requirements before receiving offers: National companies wishing to participate in the aforementioned bid must fulfill all the conditions and requirements referred to in the terms and specifications booklet. And also provide the reasons below: · Sending an official letter before the date of handing over the specifications booklet to the Chairman of the Bidding Committee of Akkus Oil Operations Company, indicating the intention to participate in the bid, and sending it to the following e-mail: bcommittee@akakusoil.com · Attach valid electronic copies of the legal documents listed below with a letter of intent to participate: · A license to practice that corresponds to the required field of work . · Commercial Register . · Proof of registration in the Chamber of Commerce. · Certificate of proof of tax payment . · The company's articles of association . · Certificates of previous experience in the required field of work, and the company has the right to exclude any company that does not have sufficient experience in the required field of work . · Attached with the letter of intent to participate is the official and effective contact information that enables the Bidding Committee to exchange e-mail and legible messages. · Technical and financial ability to cover the scope of work. · Undertaking to abide by the legislation in force. · Submission of offers on time in the manner indicated in the validity period of the offer. Only companies that have the required qualifications and meet the eligibility conditions, which will be determined by Akakus Oil Operations at its own discretion, will be counted and considered among the list of qualified and approved companies to be invited to bid. Note that Akakus Oil Operations reserves the absolute right alone and unchallenged to reject any of the companies, and its decision is final and not subject to appeal. This announcement does not obligate or bind Akakus Oil Operations Company with any obligation or undertaking to issue any bid or be bound by any contract. Qualification requirements upon receiving offers: 1. Bids must be submitted in closed and separate envelopes sealed with red wax with a description of the content of each envelope with the tender number and the name of the applicant company addressed to the Secretary of the Bidding Committee in the manner listed below, and any bid whose owner did not comply with these instructions will be excluded: 2. Artistic presentation original and photo 3. Original and copy commercial offer 4. Quoted commercial offer 5. The bid bond is in the form of a certified check issued by a Libyan bank and addressed to Akakus Oil Operations Company, with a value of 25,000 Libyan Dinars (Twenty Five Thousand Libyan Dinars), refundable for bidders who were not accepted. 6. Technical and commercial offers are presented for both sites separately (Tripoli site ) and (Al Sharara site). 7. Prices are presented in Libyan dinars. 8. Any inquiries from the bidder must be within the period granted for submitting offers, and in the event of any shortcomings or changes in the submitted bid from what is mentioned in the specifications brochure, it is considered ineligible and is excluded without the need to request clarification from the bidder. The owner of the accepted offer will have to submit a final insurance in the amount of not less than 10% of the total value of the contract within a period not exceeding thirty (30) days from the date of his notification of the award decision as a guarantee of good performance, provided that it is valid for the duration of the contract. The provisions of the unified contracting regulations issued by the National Oil Corporation shall also apply to the final insurance. The company submitting the bid alone bears the expenses of preparing the offer, whether it is accepted or rejected, and Akakus Oil Operations Company is not responsible for any expenses. Bids shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Bidding Committee on the specified dates at the following address: Akakus Oil Operations Company Tripoli / Al-Tahda Road branching from Airport Road P.O. Box: 91987 00218-21-4802630 - 39 Ext. 7034 & 7005 And for any inquiries, please contact via e-mail: bcommittee@akakusoil.com [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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