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International Consultant Anthropologist-Videographer

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  • Niger
  • International Consultant Anthropologist-Videographer
  • 16th Aug 2019

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  • 35429963
  • ICB
  • UN System
    2, Rue des Oasis, BP: 12 481 Niamey, Phone : +227 20 72 71 00 Fax : +227 20 73 34 68
    Email :niamey@unicef.org
    URL :www.unicef.org

Key Values

  • Tenders are invited for Niger: International Consultant Anthropologist-Videographer (Participative Video with Young Girls on the Theme of Child Marriage). 1. Background and Purpose of the Consultation Thirty years ago, world leaders made a historic commitment to children around the world by adopting the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which serves as an international agreement. This convention has become the most widely ratified human rights treaty in history and has helped to transform the lives of children around the world. Niger ratified the Convention in 1990. The country has made progress in promoting the rights of children and women. Children are less likely to die from preventable diseases than in the past. Being able to go to school is now a reality for many more children in Niger. Despite this, some children still do not have the opportunity to fully enjoy their childhood. Even today, far too many children see their childhood shortened. Our generation has the responsibility to demand that decision-makers, businesses and communities live up to their commitments and take definitive action on the rights of the child. UNICEF wishes to seize the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child to draw the attention of all stakeholders to the persistent violations of children`s rights in the country. All girls and boys have the right to a childhood where they can play, rest and be protected from violence, abuse and exploitation. But for thousands of children in Niger, childhood is cut off by marriage. UNICEF estimates that about 3 out of 4 girls are married before the age of 18 and 1 in 4 before the age of 15. When a girl is married during her childhood, her basic rights are violated. Ending child marriage can preserve a girl`s childhood, promote her right to education, reduce her exposure to violence and abuse, and help break the cycles of poverty that are passed from generation to generation. the other. Delaying marriage and childbirth can also protect girls from the risk of death during childbirth and other disabling sequelae such as obstetric fistula. Ending the practice of child marriage is transforming lives and improving the lives of communities. Ending child marriage is central to UNICEF`s work in Niger. By working with communities, families, government and partners, UNICEF is helping to identify and address the social norms and economic and structural factors that contribute to the persistence of child marriage. It is in this context that UNICEF wishes to call on the services of an Anthropologist - Videographer to conduct a participatory video workshop with young girls in Niger both to offer them a platform to express their rights, to be the voice of other girls and build their capacity to advocate for their rights. 2. Objectives of the Consultation Build self-esteem and the ability of girls and young women to express their views and value the changes in their lives and those of the community through the UNICEF-UNFPA Global Program in the context of accelerated action to end child marriage; Collect and amplify the voice of girls and young women through participatory video, particularly adapted to Niger where traditional taboos are strong and girls and young women with low literacy skills. 3. Specific activities to achieve to achieve the objectives: The videographer anthropologist will assist UNICEF in organizing a participatory video training workshop in Niger: Liaise with the UNICEF Protection Team for guidelines and treatment of child marriage issues; Liaise with UNICEF for the organization of the training workshop; Prepare training modules, activities of 15 days of workshops, including practical exercises; Conduct the training workshop and ensure its facilitation; Ensure compilation, editing, editing, dressing and all post-production of video products made by teenage girls. The videographer anthropologist will produce series of multimedia products related to training and re-produced products made by teenagers for the creation of a dedicated page on the initiative: Filming additional sequences to document and complement the derived productions or the video report; Re-edit and post-produce a selection of video products produced by adolescent girls for publication on a dedicated website adapted to social media channels - according to UNICEF publication standards; Prepare series of articles and collection of testimonials from the girls who will serve as a support for the dedicated website - according to UNICEF publication standards; Make a selection of quality photos that illustrate the activity for use on the dedicated site. 4. Methodologies A group of 8 to 12 teenagers (the "main beneficiaries of the program") is constituted on the basis of relevant criteria by the Village Child Protection Committees [1]. They will make the selection, with the support of UNICEF Niger. The group is participating in a 15-day initial training workshop in a "crossroads" village on the site chosen by UNICEF. The group will then use the video tool to explore issues affecting girls film their views and those of the community and witness the changes , thanks to the coaching of the expert in participatory video anthropologist. A first phase will consist in strengthening girls` self-confidence and group cohesion through dialogue, exploration, self-expression, etc. while familiarizing them with audio-visual tools. The girls then explore and prioritize collectively "thematics", individual stories and resource persons in the community through playful and creative activities, and collectively decide stories to be told on video. They interview each other, interview members of the community (including boys and men), film and take turns camerawoman roles or interview with the help of the expert. Whenever possible, they edit the videos themselves during the workshop, or at least, become familiar with the tool and build with the expert the edition (s). The girls plan and discuss with the other participants and stakeholders the realized videos and the collective messages; the process extends to the entire community during collective screenings. themes The framework for the use of films from the workshop are decided in consultation with the group of girls and young people who use the video. However, the themes can be " referrals " to meet UNICEF Niger`s communication objectives and will be supplemented by additional interviews conducted by the expert. Themes include a program theme in particular, changes achieved at the local / national level , activities carried out so far or messages and / or specific testimonials . At this stage of the program, themes can be linked , ie. the main themes (child marriage, girls` rights, protection and / or education), discuss the "premises" of change, the activities that lead to / have led to it (in this sense, we can speak of evaluation) and related messages / testimonials. P eople involved Preparation and monitoring: The Child Protection Section, with the support of the Communication Section, will ensure the preparation and identification of girls in close collaboration with implementing partners and in consultation with the consultant Training Workshop: The Expert Consultant in Participatory Video-Anthropology will work closely with the Protection and Communication sections of UNICEF and implementing partners. Editing of video products: In addition to the mounted (.s) and projected (s) studio films in the field, the consultant will ensure the post-production of "derived products" from the initial participatory video workshop, to define according to the contents developed during the workshop by the participants in coordination with the Communication section of UNICEF. Child protection Child protection procedures and rules apply in the context of these Terms of Reference, as for any other field mission. 5. Specific products and results An innovative communication approach that values ??a flagship program of UNICEF Niger, and could be replicated, after a pilot phase, to this program or others. Of authentic video content , by and for girls and young women for themselves / the program and / or external communication. Additional testimonials collected by the participative video-anthropologist professional. A workshop with a group of ten young girls aimed at empowerment, awareness and support of a community dialogue through the production of videos directed and directed by the girls themselves. A video product of at least 12 minutes to encourage societal dialogue at the community level is produced, edited and projected to the community during the workshop. A video product of at least 10 minutes fully assembled and of high quality and ready for diffusion and publication on digital platforms is produced. (Finishing and post-production of the workshop film produced by the participants and / or video report of the type Making-of or documentary) Four (4) video products, two (2) minutes long, fully assembled and of high quality and ready for broadcast and publication on digital platforms is produced. 15 photos and 3 to 5 articles are produced and ready for publication on digital platforms 6. Qualifications and experiences: Interdisciplinary university degree, BAC + 5 (at least), in human sciences, communication, media, anthropology, focused on participatory processes and a qualification in visual arts, audiovisual or any other relevant field and / or internationally recognized certificates. videography. At least eight (8) years of relevant professional experience in the fields of audiovisual production and pedagogy. Good knowledge of humanitarian intervention programs; Proven experience in the field of research, particularly through fieldwork involving the development and use of qualitative and participatory methods Good knowledge of the socio-economic and programmatic context of Niger or countries of the Sahel region desirable. Professional producer of audio-video content with the right equipment. Possess all the teaching equipment and audiovisual productions adapted to participatory workshops. International professional experience serving UNICEF or comparable organizations through participatory workshops and video production. International professional experience serving UNICEF or comparable organizations with a similar audience and / or within similar thematic areas. Experience in developing videos that are shared worldwide through social media. Experience with projects featuring children Experience in the development of short video clips and / or documentary style videos. Experience with global campaigns targeting a target audience of social media. Experience using the latest technology in camera. Experience in covering humanitarian and development issues. Ability to assimilate and communicate complex visual messages in an attractive and child-friendly way. Knowledge of UNICEF`s work on children`s issues, UNICEF Global Digital Guidelines and the NYHQ-DOC Standard Operating Procedure for Video Production and Web Content Submissions. Fluency in English and French required 7. Duration of the contract 45 Days ( proposed starting date : 15th September 2019 ) 8. Supervision Head of Communication 9. Fees UNICEF will cover the costs for 45 days (including 15 days for the participatory video workshop in Niger, 3 days of additional filming and 22 days of post-production and home translation and 2 days of travel). With the exception of the reimbursement of the travel ticket and the daily subsistence allowance (DSA), the video producer will be paid in US dollars at the end of the contract, upon presentation of the invoices, certification of the deliverables and satisfactory performance of the contract. 10. Travel UNICEF will provide a return economy class fare (lowest fare available) from the city of residence in Niger. UNICEF will also provide land (or air, if deemed appropriate) transport to Niger. UNICEF will not reimburse the visa and immunization expenses required by the Consultant to carry out its mission. 11. Location Production will take place in Niger and post-production will be at home. This mission will require field missions. NB Identified candidates will be invited to indicate their interest, availability, all-in fees and examples of previous work on participatory video production with UNICEF, the UN or other relevant development and humanitarian organizations. UNICEF is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion among its staff, and strongly encourages applications from women and men of all national, ethnic and religious backgrounds, including people with disabilities, to apply. UNICEF has a zero-tolerance policy on behavior that is inconsistent with the goals and objectives of the United Nations and UNICEF, including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of power and discrimination. UNICEF also adheres to the strict principles of child protection. All selected candidates will therefore be subject to rigorous reference and background checks, and must adhere to these standards and principles. How to apply: UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion Within icts workforce, and encouraged qualified female and male candidates from all national , religious and ethnic backgrounds, Including persons living with disabilities, to apply To Become apart of our organization. To apply, click on the following link http://www.unicef.org/about/employ/?job=525597 [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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