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Consultant for the Development of an Information System for Monitoring the Nation

Country : Madagascar
Summary :

Consultant for the Development of an Information System for Monitoring the National Iodine Salt Iodization Program

TOT Ref No : 25634759
Competition : ICB
Financier : UN System
Email :sgnegne@unicef.org/brakotomalala@unicef.org, hrantananarivo@unicef.org
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Tenders are invited for Consultant for the Development of an Information System for Monitoring the National Iodine Salt Iodization Program in Madagascar, 10 Months. For each child, According to the recent National Iodine and Salt Survey in Madagascar, only 21.4% of households consume adequately iodized salt (15 ppm). Quantitative analyzes show that these low iodized salt cover results would result in a median urinary iodine concentration of 47ug / l in the general population and women of childbearing age. Iodine Deficiency (IDD) remains a threat to public health and nutrition in Madagascar. In view of these alarming results, the government has relaunched the national salt iodization program with the aim of: • Supporting large and medium-sized producers for adequate salt iodization • Supporting national inspection and quality control capacities ; • Support institutional regulations allowing a fair environment for the proper iodization of salt for all producers.In order to monitor the implementation of the program and achieve the objectives, regular quality control data of salt iodization mills, the salt bank and the market will have to be regularly monitored. In its current form, the monitoring system collects data from monthly reports at the laboratory level and sporadically at the level of markets and salt transport. A synchronized database of all the producers, laboratories, and factories making it possible to compile all the information on the salt quality controls at the various stages of production and delivery is not available. So, the data collection mechanism does not provide information compiled by all stakeholders on a regular basis for decision-making and covering the whole country.In order to establish evidence-based program performance indicators to trigger different levels intervention and / or correction, it is imperative to have an electronic system to capture data and monitor the effectiveness of interventions through changes observed from the producers and then the levels of routing and market for the household use of adequately iodized salt. Recognizing the shortcomings of the current paper system, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with UNICEF, wants to accelerate efforts to have a The purpose of the mission is to create an information system that will track the salt quality control program. The developer will also analyze the collection system and share data between these different entities and make recommendations to incorporate changes compatible with the data management software that it will put in place.How can you make a difference? 1. Main objective : The main objective of this consultancy is to develop a software and a web application able to manage the data collected by field staff on the quality of salt iodization. Also to prepare a weekly and monthly report in a graphical form. 2.Specific objectives: The consultant will work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health (Nutrition Service) to develop and strengthen the system for collecting and sharing data on iodized salt in Madagascar: • Contribute to the development of the system of Nutritional information (NIS) as requested by the Ministry of Public Health nutrition service • Design and develop the software application SISIEO (Iodized Salt Information System) necessary to support the daily monitoring of the indicators of the national program of salt iodization in Madagascar (Results of quality controls at different stages). This software should capture the information at the level of the following entities: The small and medium producers grouped within the salt bank, the big producers, the laboratories of analyzes (regional and national) with accessibility at regional and national level to generate aggregate reports on coverage of interventions • Develop the application taking into account manual of internal and external control procedures for iodized salt and Existing operating processes at the level of medium and large salt producers • Support training on the use of the software and the web application. • Support and monitor progress in the critical phases of the implementation of the nutrition software (pre-test, pilot, evaluation and deployment of the beta version of the software) • Maintain system and software documentation to facilitate maintenance and upgrade activities. 3. Scope of responsibilities: The consultant under the supervision of the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of the Nutrition Section of UNICEF Madagascar, will work in close collaboration with the head of the nutrition department of the Ministry of Public Health. All of the consultant`s work will be carried out in collaboration with the Task Force on the Revitalization of the Salt Iodization Program in Madagascar led by the Ministry of Public Health and with representatives of UNICEF , research institutions deemed appropriate and technical partners. The consultation will cover 4 phases of work: • Phase I - Design, build the initial software, pre-test, develop the SISIEO software manual and training module for users • Phase II - Develop a pilot project and 4. Assigned tasks: • Develop a training module on the use of software for users and trainers • Develop the budget and resources needed to operationalize the NIS in entities (salt producers, laboratories). Phase II: Development of a pilot version of the product and support • Develop a pilot product available for testing • Support a pilot in 2 regions (Morondava and Diego) • Train members of the working group on software use . The training period should be consistent with all phases of the WSIS consultation • Provide support to field training for the implementation of the new / modified system, including preparation of the training plan • Develop and provide a report Software Project Monthly Report describing development updates. • Undertake other software revisions based on feedback from pilots and key users • Train the Ministry of Health`s OEISO data manager to fully utilize the system and perform necessary maintenance work end users and internal staff to quickly resolve application issues and develop new applications / software components. Phase III: Completion of the SISIEO software, deployment and maintenance • Develop the deployment plan • Finalize a beta version and review the software manual in relation to the bottleneck identified during the pilot project • Finalize the web version of the application and propose a system of long-term accommodation. • Support deployment and user training • Set up system and software documentation to facilitate maintenance and upgrade activities • Perform all necessary software monitoring and maintenance activities , including coding, testing, debugging, upgrading, and updating the software. Phase IV: Monthly monitoring and quality assurance of the information system • Monthly follow-up of the good functionality of the information system in place in the 3 regions • Ensure a monthly mission to the sites of salt producers in Madagascar to ensure the control of the information system (data collection, database supply) and the resolution of difficulties / coherent inherent in the information system. [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

Deadline : 20th Aug 2018
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