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Selection of a firm in audio-visual communication.

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Tender Details

  • Haiti
  • Selection of a firm in audio-visual communication.
  • 12th Jul 2019

Other Information

  • 34413952
  • 57173
  • ICB
  • UN System
    Bureau du PNUD MINUSTAH, Log Base (Zone 5) Blvd Toussaint Louverture & Clercine 18 B.P. 557 Port au Prince, Haiti (W.I.) procurement.ht@undp.org

Key Values

  • Selection of a firm in audio-visual communication. Despite advances in gender equality and the stabilization of the national context in recent years, the many forms of discrimination young people face in terms of access to employment, social services and participation in public affairs can contribute to nourishing a circle of intergenerational transmission of poverty, givenIn Haiti, 58% of the population is under theage of 24 - a figure that is expected to increase by 7% by 2030. In general, young people in Haiti are more likely to be unemployed and unemployed. risk of exclusion from the labor market, have few public spaces for leisure or for peaceful socialization. They are not very involvedin the management of public affairs processes. Young men and women often experience thesechallenges differently. For example, job opportunities and public spaces available for young men may not be welcoming to young women, including because of the threat of sexual harassment and other forms of violenceFollowing the passage of Hurricane Mathieu on October 4, 2016, and the deterioration of the socio-economic climate, many residents of Jrmie reported an upsurge in violence. Although difficult to support with data, this perception is related to the increase in socio-economic vulnerability in general. Women andyoung women in particular are one of the groups most exposed to violence. Indeed, vulnerability to violence by women and girls is increasing in times of crisis and disasters that reduce protection capacity. In addition, crisis situations, including those related to the consequences of natural disasters,a redefinition of power and gender relations that can contribute to increased exposure. The predominance of gender beliefs and stereotypes that perpetuate gender inequality is seen by women's associations in the region as one of the causes of violence against women in Jeremiah. The absence of formal spaces for participationyoung women and men in the political life of the city and the lack of public spaces, instruments and platf...

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