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I-Restore Consultant

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  • Albania
  • I-Restore Consultant
  • 26th Aug 2019

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  • 35225676
  • ICB
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    Tirana, Albania
    Email :mariama.diallo@tdh.ch, alb.office@tdh.ch

Key Values

  • Tenders are invited for Albania: I-Restore Consultant - Albania. Start date: As soon as possible Contract: Around 50% part-time consultancy, one year fixed-term, renewable Location: Tirana, Albania Eligibility: Contractor status, able to provide a VAT invoice Recruitment is on-going until the consultancy is filled. PRESENTATION OF TERRE DES HOMMES Terre des hommes (Tdh), the leading Swiss child relief non-profit organization, is active in 35 countries with its programs in mother and child health, migration, juvenile justice, child labour and humanitarian emergencies**.** Since 1996, Tdh has been working on juvenile justice in numerous countries across the globe. In 2016, Tdh-s juvenile justice activities in twenty countries trained 15,000 professionals in juvenile justice and supported 21,000 children in conflict with the law. Built on 20 years of experience and capitalization of best practices, Tdh-s actions are based on a child-friendly approach to justice, which means that justice is adapted to children, to their maturity and level of development, and on a restorative approach, which seeks to repair the damage caused to the individuals, the affected parties and the wider society, and which requires active participation of the child offender, the victim and other involved members to resolve the conflict. The overall goal and strategic vision of Tdh juvenile justice programme is that by 2020, Tdh has contributed significantly and sustainably to improving access to formal and informal justice systems by children in Europe. Tdh plans to contribute to developing and improving justice systems by enhancing the restorative approach and in particular by promoting alternatives to trials, detention and specialized custodial care for children. To that end, Tdh has developed a Theory of Change with 4 pillars for Justice: Children and youth in conflict with the law benefit from non-custodial measures - Tdh will work closely with professionals across the chain of justice, including police, prosecutors and judges, and ensure that the necessary legislation is in place, to enhance the use of diversion and alternatives to detention. Girls, boys and youth in detention are treated with dignity and prepared for reintegration - Tdh will work with staff in detention facilities and professional training institutions for justice professionals more widely, in order to mitigate the harmful effects of deprivation of liberty on children and shift the culture of detention facilities to decrease violence, optimize rehabilitation, and reduce recidivism. Prevention & reintegration services for children are improved - Tdh will work with families, community-based organisations and community leaders, to nurture a compassionate and supportive environment to ensure that violence against children and committed by children is reduced and that children are reintegrated into their communities. Synergies in contexts of legal pluralism enrich children-s experiences of restorative justice - Tdh will support coordination amongst formal justice actors, both secular and religious, and customary justice actors, including indigenous actors, to promote recognition of positive restorative practices and better decision-making that upholds the best interests of the child. Tdh-s work in Access to Justice contributes directly to Sustainable Development Goal N°16, namely 16.2 reducing violence against children and 16.3 reinforcing access to justice. It also endeavors to protect the rights of children in conflict with the law (articles 37 and 40 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child) and of children victims (article 19), as well as the involvement of the family and the community in the development of children (article 5), and the protection of the rights to non- discrimination (article 2), to have their best interest taken into consideration (article 3), to life survival and development (article 2), right to participation in all matters affecting them (article 12). ABOUT i-RESTORE Tdh Hungary is leading the project “i-RESTORE - Better Protecting Child Victims Rights through Restorative Justice” over the period September 2019 to August 2021. The project-s main objective is to promote the use of Restorative Justice in cases involving child victims by improving knowledge amongst national stakeholders on child-victim friendly Restorative Justice and empowering children to advocate for better protection of child victims. The project expected results are: Better understanding among general public of state of art of child-sensitive RJ Increased number of cases in which child victims access RJ as a form of justice that serves their needs/rights Increased capacities of children to take on an advisory role pursuant to Art. 12 of Victims- Directive Increased capacities of inter-disciplinary practitioners to apply RJ in cases involving child victims Increased level of cooperation and better understanding of policy makers and NGO-s Improved shared knowledge & mutual learning among EU/non EU justice stakeholders to develop RJ processes with child victims and effective child participation. The project is implemented in partnership with the European Forum on Restorative Justice, Restorative Justice Netherlands, Terre des Hommes Romania and Terre des Hommes Greece. CONSULTANCY OBJECTIVES AND ROLE DESCRIPTION The general objective of the consultancy is to lead activities in the project “i-RESTORE - Better Protecting Child Victims Rights through Restorative Justice” in Albania and ensure its smooth implementation in Albania. The project-s main objective is to promote the use of Restorative Justice in cases involving child victims by improving knowledge amongst national stakeholders on child-victim friendly Restorative Justice and empowering children to advocate for better protection of child victims. The consultancy has the following specific objectives: Lead and oversee project implementation of the activities in Albania Financial oversight on the project-s budget Responsible for the procurement and logistic processes in the project areas ensuring compliance with donor and Tdh rules and regulations Responsible for expenditure being incurred and justified with supporting documentation in accordance with Donor Agreement guidelines and also Tdh rules and regulations Liaising with Regional Project Coordinator and the Regional Program Officer on Juvenile Justice for Albania and Kosovo, partners and contractors Ensuring all communication process in the project, internally and externally Responsible for implementation of Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy by Tdh and its partners as well Supervising of the project-s methodologies and quality oversight of the deliverables Ensuring meaningful participation of children in a safe and conductive environment Maintaining close communication with Project Coordinator Coordinate the activities of the project he/she will be in charge with those of the juvenile justice program, creating synergies and possible links between different projects Coordinating the financial report for Tdh Hungary and responsible for the intermediary and final partner-s report for the project The i-RESTORE project consultant for Albania will integrate the Access to Justice Programme and work under the supervision of the Regional Programme Officer on Juvenile Justice. He/She will be working in close collaboration with the Regional Programme Coordinator for i-RESTORE, the Regional Finance Manager, the Knowledge Manager and the Regional Communications Manager. EXPECTED DELIVERABLES All deliverables should be produced in English and within the set timeframe. The expected deliverables are: Monthly Internal Progress Reports, describing progress made in carrying out i-RESTORE project activities (every month) Set up of Child Advisory Boards in Albania (months 1-2) Annual Progress report for the Donor (month 12) CONSULTANT PROFILE Relevant university degree in Law from an accredited educational institution; 5+ years of experience in designing and conducting projects in the area of Justice for children; Experience on EU financial procedures, financial reporting, etc.; To be registered as entrepreneur in Albania tax office and able to provide regular invoice for the service delivered; Up-to-date and extensive knowledge of access to justice, including restorative justice; Experience or sound understanding of child participation processes; Knowledge and experience of working with or in INGOs or in social enterprises would be a distinct asset; Experience in Criminal Justice, Victimology, Child Protection, or development aid would be a plus; Ability to establish an environment of cooperation and collaboration; Excellent team player; Self-motivated, with skills to support and advise others; Ability to learn from difficult experiences, capitalize on mistakes and seize opportunities; Experience in contributing to projects with team members located in several countries; Excellent communication skills; high proficiency in spoken and written English. Results-oriented and problem-solving skills; Capacity for rigor and precision, transparency and honesty; Ability to uphold high standards under pressure and with tight deadlines; Flexibility, availability and adaptability. BUDGET AND RESSOURCES The consultant is required to mention in its application a daily rate in EUR, based on a total amount of 120 days (10 days per month) required to carry out the consultancy. All other costs related to the consultancy (travel for in-country visit, accommodation, other logistical support) will be covered by Tdh. The payment will be issued on a monthly basis upon delivery of an invoice and the monthly progress report.

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